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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 11 '19 ind>eng kantor imigrasi kelas I khusus jakarta barat special class 1 immigration office west jakarta pro closed ok
- Dec 7 '19 ind>eng surat pernyataan penyerahan anak declaration of child custody transfer pro closed ok
- Dec 7 '19 ind>eng persidangan (hearing or trial) hearing pro closed ok
3 Nov 17 '19 ind>eng layak dan patut fit and proper pro closed ok
4 Nov 17 '19 ind>eng dapat dipertimbangkan can be used as admissible evidence pro closed ok
- Nov 16 '19 ind>eng tidak ternyata not apparent pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '19 ind>eng HUKUM MENSHALATKAN JENAZAH MUSLIM BERCAMPUR NON MUSLIM the Islamic law relating to funeral prayers for a mixture of deceased Muslim and non-Muslim persons pro open no
3 Oct 11 '19 ind>eng pengakuan atas sumpah testimony under oath / sworn evidence / sworn admission pro closed ok
- Jun 28 '19 eng>ind spousal maintenance alimentasi pro open no
- Jun 6 '19 ind>eng Fakta Persidangan the facts established at trial pro closed ok
- Jul 30 '08 ind>eng penetapan decree pro open no
- Jul 16 '10 eng>ind to move matters off menyelesaikan setiap perkara dalam daftar perkaranya secara tuntas pro closed ok
- Jan 14 '08 ind>eng kekuatan mengikat perjanjian yang dibuat di rumah tahanan negara the legal force of an agreement made at a government correctional facility pro open no
- Jan 14 '08 ind>eng kekuatan mengikat perjanjian yang dibuat di rumah tahanan negara Legally binding force of a contract executed in a state penitentiary pro open no
- Mar 1 '05 ind>eng pengajuan resmi officially lodge an application for abitration pro closed no
- Feb 11 '02 ind>eng alat bukti accounting/accounts, correspondence and documents easy closed ok
- Feb 11 '02 ind>eng pasal article / paragraph easy closed ok
- Jan 12 '02 deu>eng Rechtsauslegung legal interpretation pro closed ok
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