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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 8 '16 .fs>eng نوشدارو بعد مرگ سهراب The damage is done / too late pro closed ok
- Feb 7 '16 .fs>eng Harke ro tavus khahad, jur-e hendustan keshad The best fish swim near the bottom pro closed ok
- Sep 15 '15 .fs>eng ادب مرد به ز دولت اوست Human's courtesy is better than his state ... pro closed ok
- Sep 10 '15 .fs>eng کاسه ای زیر نیم کاسه I smell a rat / There is some hanky panky going on pro closed ok
- Sep 8 '15 .fs>eng عوضی‌ها عوض نمی‌شوند Bitches will not change pro closed ok
- Sep 7 '15 .fs>eng دهانش قرص نیست He is not a tight-lipped guy ... pro closed ok
- Jun 16 '15 .fs>eng دختره چشم‌سفید نمک به حروم The impudent betrayer girl pro closed no
- May 7 '15 .fs>eng to cap/crown/top it all (off) روی هم رفته pro closed ok
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