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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 8 rus>eng спать валетом sleep head-to-toe easy open no
- Jan 16 rus>eng писать рекомендации о дальнейшей эксплуатации submit recommendations regarding fitness for continued service easy closed ok
- Jan 16 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
4 Jan 14 '18 rus>eng Подкинутый ребенок a foundling easy closed ok
- Jan 3 '18 rus>eng за душой What is at the core of Azov derives from... easy closed no
- Dec 25 '17 rus>eng В связи с увеличением объема услуг Regarding the expansion of the range of services, the Parties ... easy open no
- Dec 19 '17 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy just_closed no
4 Dec 19 '17 rus>eng вот подстава Too bad!/What a bummer!/What a set-up!/That sucks!/ easy closed ok
- Dec 19 '17 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Dec 14 '17 rus>eng под эгидой under the aegis easy closed ok
4 Dec 9 '17 rus>eng не иметь себе равных have no peers/be unequaled/stand head and shoulders above others easy closed ok
- Nov 1 '17 rus>eng Я уже месяу жду! It feels like I've been waiting for a month here! easy closed ok
- Oct 4 '17 rus>eng минусы-плюсы yin-yang/two peas in a pod easy just_closed no
- Sep 22 '17 rus>eng состав pared-down instrumentation easy closed no
- Sep 6 '17 rus>eng отлучка AWOL (absence without official leave/without permission) easy open no
- Sep 6 '17 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy open no
4 Aug 3 '17 rus>eng Так что Рогозина развели на мякине And that is how Rogozin was taken for a ride. easy closed ok
- Jul 25 '17 rus>eng выковырять root out/pry out/extract easy closed ok
4 Jul 17 '17 rus>eng ИЛ ЕхТУ Test Laboratory for Technical Equipment Operating in Explosive Atmospheres easy closed ok
- Apr 25 '17 rus>eng Кто без причины полюбит, тот без повода и разлюбит. Who falls in love on a whim falls out of love on a whim. easy just_closed no
- Apr 16 '17 rus>eng оформляют протоколом shall be presented in a written report easy closed ok
4 Mar 14 '17 rus>eng выгодно It suited Russia (just fine) to see Trump elected president. easy closed ok
- Feb 14 '17 rus>eng мир который прямо касается нашего кошелька the world that hits you straight in the wallet/the world that directly affects your bottom line easy closed no
3 Jan 22 '17 rus>eng подсмазочный слой sublubricating layer easy closed ok
- Jan 5 '17 rus>eng найти с кем сравнивать It's not in the same league!/It's no match! easy closed no
4 Dec 25 '16 rus>eng всё это нужно, чтобы понять мою мысль All of these are necessary for understanding/getting your mind around my thought/idea. easy closed ok
- Dec 25 '16 rus>eng из которого .. primary element of the Universe... is constitutive of the easy closed ok
- Dec 24 '16 rus>eng если произойдёт извержение вулкана Few individuals would survive a volcanic eruption in the Americas. easy closed ok
NP Dec 1 '16 rus>eng Федерация Спортивно-Прикладного Собаководства Приморского Края Maritime Region (rus. Приморский край) Sporting and Working Group Canine Federation easy open no
- Oct 31 '16 rus>eng необычно и ярко in unconventional and vivid terms easy closed no
- Oct 26 '16 rus>eng давать урожай bring in a huge harvest of results/success////bring a cornucopia of results/success easy closed no
4 Oct 6 '16 rus>eng Наш конек our forte easy closed ok
4 Oct 6 '16 rus>eng грызть гранит науки Climbing the mountain of knowledge at XXX University is an elevating experience. easy closed ok
- Sep 5 '16 rus>eng Выгодная покупка get a great bargain easy closed no
4 Jul 4 '16 rus>eng и не пытались заглянуть ее глаза and sought not meet her eyes easy closed ok
4 Jun 12 '16 rus>eng Это мы! It's us easy closed ok
- May 17 '16 rus>eng личные качества qualities of character /character easy closed ok
- May 5 '16 rus>eng РАЗНОЦВЕТЬЕ The Chromatics/The Polychromatics easy closed ok
- May 5 '16 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- May 4 '16 rus>eng в начале 2000-ых at the beginning of 2000s easy closed no
- Mar 22 '16 rus>eng в бокс я пришел из хокея I transitioned from hockey to boxing. easy closed ok
- Mar 22 '16 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Aug 11 '15 rus>eng хорошее знание города good familiarity with the city and the environs/the surrounding area easy closed ok
- Aug 6 '15 rus>eng Изобразительное искусство fine arts easy closed ok
4 Dec 26 '14 rus>eng Занятость: полная занятость Employment Type: Full Time easy closed ok
4 Oct 21 '14 rus>eng стремиться tend to/prefer easy closed ok
4 Jun 27 '14 rus>eng пройти мимо the packaging grabs your attention/catches your eye/practically shouts “Buy me! easy closed ok
4 Dec 30 '13 rus>eng находиться в положении She is in the family way. easy closed ok
- Nov 27 '13 rus>eng решаемая задача solvable problem easy closed ok
- Nov 23 '13 rus>eng выделить в отдельную сущность highlight something easy closed no
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