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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 8 rus>eng спать валетом sleep head-to-toe easy open no
- Jun 27 eng>pol Go down the rabbit hole podążać w głąb króliczej nory easy closed ok
4 Apr 17 pol>eng czytelnicze protesty readers' protests easy closed ok
- Apr 2 eng>pol deprecating grimace z grymasem wyrażającym łagodną naganę easy open no
- Apr 2 eng>pol ready for love otwarta na miłość easy open no
- Feb 2 pol>eng Komu komu bo idę do domu. Shop's closing, everything must go. easy closed no
- Feb 2 pol>eng Komu komu bo idę do domu. Come and get it, they are going fast!/while they last! easy closed no
4 Dec 10 '19 eng>pol To read Russian and German at Cambridge studiować rosyjski i niemiecki na Uniwersytecie w Cambridge easy closed ok
- Dec 10 '19 eng>pol Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Nov 14 '19 pol>eng nic nie trwa wiecznie all things must pass easy open no
- Sep 28 '19 pol>eng skrót r. volume, vol., v. easy closed ok
4 Jan 22 '19 pol>eng dofinansować provide supplementary financing/ complement the financing of/provide the final tranche of financing easy closed ok
4 Oct 31 '18 pol>eng dogonić własne szczęście i pragnienia attain happiness and fulfill one's dreams easy closed ok
- Jul 19 '18 eng>pol minor outlet drugorzędne wydawnictwo (popularyzujące) easy open no
- Mar 24 '18 pol>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed no
- Dec 19 '17 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy just_closed no
4 Dec 19 '17 rus>eng вот подстава Too bad!/What a bummer!/What a set-up!/That sucks!/ easy closed ok
- Dec 19 '17 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
4 Dec 9 '17 rus>eng не иметь себе равных have no peers/be unequaled/stand head and shoulders above others easy closed ok
- Dec 6 '17 pol>eng Tschicho, bunsch lo tschicho ti diablä Quiet, be quiet, damn it!//Shut up and stay shut up, damn it! easy closed no
4 Dec 6 '17 pol>eng Rub, zo sgingest Do as you wish/Do whatever you want. easy closed ok
- Sep 2 '17 eng>pol caught in the latch utknąć w mechanizmie zatrzaskowym easy open no
- Jan 5 '17 rus>eng найти с кем сравнивать It's not in the same league!/It's no match! easy closed no
4 Dec 25 '16 rus>eng всё это нужно, чтобы понять мою мысль All of these are necessary for understanding/getting your mind around my thought/idea. easy closed ok
- Dec 24 '16 rus>eng если произойдёт извержение вулкана Few individuals would survive a volcanic eruption in the Americas. easy closed ok
4 Jun 12 '16 rus>eng Это мы! It's us easy closed ok
- May 17 '16 rus>eng личные качества qualities of character /character easy closed ok
- May 5 '16 rus>eng РАЗНОЦВЕТЬЕ The Chromatics/The Polychromatics easy closed ok
- May 5 '16 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
4 Apr 16 '16 eng>pol laundry calls at the house wizyty domowe w celu odbierania brudnej odzieży i bielizny/świadczenia usług pralniczych easy closed ok
- Aug 8 '14 eng>eng "is in his owne conceit in his own mind easy closed ok
4 Mar 21 '14 pol>eng Aby być znowu w tobie To be one with you again, laugh and curse easy closed ok
- Jan 12 '14 eng>pol that Oprah's biography Is permeated vith the very meanings that are central to h biografia Oprah jest przeniknięta tymi samymi istotnymi znaczeniami, które są kluczowe dla jej show. easy closed ok
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