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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 28 pol>eng gromada peasant collective pro open no
4 Apr 23 pol>eng świadczenia wojenne wartime requisition of private property//requisition of private property for the war effort pro closed ok
- Mar 13 rus>eng заградительные мины protective minefield naval mines pro closed no
- Mar 13 rus>eng Штаб Фронта headquarters of the front pro closed no
- Mar 13 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed no
- Mar 10 rus>eng Сад Памяти Литваков Memorial Garden dedicated to Lithuanian Jews//Remembrance Garden in memory of Lithuanian Jews pro closed no
- Mar 10 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed no
4 Feb 13 pol>eng ktora to łaska y fawor nadany, też same dla tych, ktorzy ich uczestnikami stali się the grace and favor thereof bestowed brings same benefits for those who became its members pro closed ok
4 Feb 13 pol>eng ale w szacunku i Kollacyi nie może sobie nic rezerwować but in the distribution and the collation may not reserve anything for himself pro closed ok
4 Feb 12 pol>eng Przysięga ich w ręku takes the oath in his hands pro closed ok
4 Feb 12 pol>eng Niewolnik Skarbowy slaves/workforce owned by the state treasury pro closed ok
- Jan 20 pol>eng nakręcać koniunkturę crank up the economy//kick the economy into overdrive pro open no
- Dec 6 '19 rus>eng дух ненависти imbued with visceral hatred of fascism pro closed no
4 Dec 4 '19 rus>eng Его пьесы идут на советских и зарубежных сценах His plays are running on Soviet and foreign stages. pro closed ok
- Dec 3 '19 rus>eng Все на борьбу! To arms!//Get ready for battle!//Get ready to fight! pro closed no
- Nov 7 '19 pol>eng ryciny heraldyczne heraldic engravings pro closed ok
4 Sep 12 '19 pol>eng handel urzędami sale of government positions pro closed ok
4 May 13 '19 pol>eng studnia wodociągowa waterworks cistern pro closed ok
- May 13 '19 pol>eng studnia wodociągowa water-supply well pro closed ok
- Apr 23 '19 eng>pol exodusters migranci afroamerykańscy zwani "exodusters" pro closed no
4 Apr 4 '19 pol>eng chłopi czynszowi tenant farmers (peasants) pro closed ok
- Mar 17 '19 pol>eng oficjalat diocese office pro closed no
- Mar 3 '19 pol>eng zapluty karzeł reakcji spittle-bespattered (despicable) dwarf of the reactionary forces pro closed ok
- Feb 28 '19 pol>eng odbudowywania się zachowując reconstruction while preserving historical identity pro closed no
4 Feb 28 '19 pol>eng realizuje zamierzony cel poprzez achieves the desired result pro closed ok
4 Dec 17 '18 pol>eng w tychże/tejże Assystencyi in the presence of the above pro closed ok
4 Nov 25 '18 eng>pol Relief Units delegacje pomocy humanitarnej osadnictwa żydowskiego w Palestynie (ang. Relief Units) pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '18 eng>pol Justiciarate prowincja pro closed no
4 Oct 20 '18 eng>pol vanisher lakiernik pro closed ok
4 Aug 29 '18 pol>eng Gimnazjum akademickie gymnasium academicum//academic gymnasium pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '18 pol>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '18 pol>eng Funkcja grodowa church's function/role within the castle district pro closed no
4 Aug 18 '18 pol>eng Okręg grodowy castellany pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '18 pol>eng Poczthalteria postal stagecoach relay station pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 '18 pol>eng Szkoła realna real school pro closed ok
- Jul 29 '18 pol>eng Zarząd Zakładów Karnych Management Board of Penitentiary Institutions pro open no
4 Jul 21 '18 pol>eng dziedzic cząstkowy part-village owning petty noble//partial nobility pro closed ok
- Jul 21 '18 pol>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
4 Jul 19 '18 pol>eng miasto gubernialne the capital/seat of the gubernia/governorate pro closed ok
- Jul 19 '18 pol>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
4 Jun 26 '18 pol>eng w dzień jest „Kurjerek”, w nocy majcherek selling papers (the Lodz Courier) by day, knifing (knife jobs) by night pro closed ok
- Apr 11 '18 pol>eng Przemysł Towarów Żelaznych ironworks industry pro closed no
3 Mar 26 '18 pol>eng stoczny stagnant pro closed ok
- Feb 27 '18 pol>eng polityka narodowościowa nationalities politics/policies pro open no
4 Feb 21 '18 pol>eng Narodowa Pożyczka Sił Rozwoju Polski National Bond for the Development of Polish Economic Strength pro closed ok
- Feb 11 '18 pol>eng pierwszy poseł the first emissary/diplomatic representative pro closed no
4 Oct 22 '17 pol>eng urząd government office pro closed ok
- Sep 30 '17 rus>eng приблизившагося impending pro closed ok
4 Aug 22 '17 pol>eng Przydomowe łaźnie baths adjacent to the house pro closed ok
- Jun 26 '17 pol>eng konfliktowe rocznice polemic anniversaries pro closed ok
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