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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Nov 21 '19 pol>eng wykonane z rendered in soft cloth easy closed ok
- Dec 25 '17 rus>eng В связи с увеличением объема услуг Regarding the expansion of the range of services, the Parties ... easy open no
- Nov 1 '17 rus>eng Я уже месяу жду! It feels like I've been waiting for a month here! easy closed ok
- Oct 4 '17 rus>eng минусы-плюсы yin-yang/two peas in a pod easy just_closed no
4 Aug 3 '17 rus>eng Так что Рогозина развели на мякине And that is how Rogozin was taken for a ride. easy closed ok
- Apr 25 '17 rus>eng Кто без причины полюбит, тот без повода и разлюбит. Who falls in love on a whim falls out of love on a whim. easy just_closed no
4 Oct 6 '16 rus>eng грызть гранит науки Climbing the mountain of knowledge at XXX University is an elevating experience. easy closed ok
- May 4 '16 rus>eng в начале 2000-ых at the beginning of 2000s easy closed no
- Mar 22 '16 rus>eng в бокс я пришел из хокея I transitioned from hockey to boxing. easy closed ok
- Mar 22 '16 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
4 Dec 18 '15 pol>eng w jednym z wrocławskich hipermarketów in a Wroclaw hypermarket easy closed ok
- Jun 18 '15 eng>pol to claim a window twierdzić, że ma głebszy wgląd easy just_closed no
4 Jan 22 '15 eng>pol You are barking up the wrong tree jesteś na złym tropie easy closed ok
- Jan 21 '15 eng>pol Getting to know the value of data zrozumienie znaczności danych easy closed no
4 Dec 22 '14 pol>eng zasmarkany spoiled/insufferable brat//snotnosed kid/enfant terrible//little/holy terror easy closed ok
- Dec 22 '14 pol>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Nov 1 '14 eng>pol For children it seems obvious dla dzieci to jest jasne jak słońce easy closed no
4 Oct 21 '14 rus>eng стремиться tend to/prefer easy closed ok
- Jul 25 '14 eng>pol familiar clash znana /słynna rywalizacja easy closed ok
- Jul 21 '14 eng>eng the Yes, you need "the." easy closed no
- Mar 30 '14 eng>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed no
4 Oct 16 '13 rus>eng Фильтрационный пункт choke point, control area easy closed ok
NP Oct 10 '13 eng>pol alternatively "Alternatively" denotes choice: if not this, then that. easy just_closed no
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