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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 14 '19 pol>eng dziad vegetable garden scarecrow pro closed no
- Sep 18 '19 pol>eng Szable w dłoń Present arms! pro closed ok
- Sep 18 '19 pol>eng Szable w dłoń Bottoms up!/Raise your glasses! pro closed ok
4 Aug 19 '18 pol>eng Pająk pająk (Polish himmeli)//Polish himmeli pro closed ok
4 Feb 27 '18 pol>eng bartnictwo tree-beekeeping pro closed ok
4 Mar 10 '17 rus>eng Глаз радуется appeals to the eye/is an eye candy pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '16 rus>eng знахарь, который лечит при помощи заговоров shaman pro closed no
- Nov 20 '16 rus>eng редкий идиот a unique idiot/an uncommon examplar of idiocy pro just_closed no
- Jun 10 '16 pol>eng a żebyś ty niczego się nie dorobił! May you never find fortune/May you be as poor as a church mouse /May fortune never smile upon you pro closed no
- Jan 16 '16 rus>eng полная задница I am up to my ass in alligators. pro closed ok
4 Jan 16 '16 rus>eng огромный порось an overgrown piglet/ a bit of a porker/an oinker///butterball/roly-poly/pudgy/tubby/pleasingly plump pro closed ok
- Jul 11 '14 rus>eng изба-затейница funhouse/fun-filled interactive folk heritage house pro closed no
- Jan 24 '14 pol>eng kula garbarska the shot pro just_closed no
- Jan 17 '14 pol>eng bon dominialny sovereign money/bill/note/voucher/coin/currency pro closed no
- Nov 9 '13 eng>pol jadoo szamanizm/naturalna magia pro just_closed no
- Nov 9 '13 eng>pol Answer hidden by answerer pro just_closed no
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