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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 4 pol>eng realizacje implementation/execution of (implementing/executing) advertising campaigns pro closed no
- Apr 17 rus>eng крепкий середнячок a reliable mid-level choice pro closed ok
- Mar 25 pol>eng produkt wizerunkowy image product pro closed ok
4 Nov 21 '19 eng>pol our two cents (tutaj) nasze trzy grosze pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '19 pol>eng wyróżnienie premium exposure/listing pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '19 pol>eng ordynarna propaganda crass propaganda pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '19 pol>eng ordynarna propaganda vulgar propaganda pro closed ok
- Sep 7 '19 pol>eng konstans promocyjny invariable promotional parameters pro closed ok
- May 26 '19 pol>eng nazwa zobowiązuje We stand behind our name! pro closed ok
- Oct 8 '18 pol>eng Zakup cennikowy spot advertising purchase pro closed ok
- Oct 6 '18 pol>eng akcydensy print and other media applications/ephemera pro open no
4 Sep 13 '18 eng>pol listening session spotkanie sondażowe pro closed ok
4 Sep 4 '18 eng>pol linear funnel model jednokierunkowy lejek sprzedażowy pro closed ok
- Sep 4 '18 eng>pol Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Jul 19 '18 eng>pol customer insight marketing marketing w oparciu o informacje zwrotne od klientów pro closed no
- Jun 11 '18 eng>pol Answer hidden by answerer pro open no
4 Mar 14 '18 pol>eng prestiż podróży glamour of the tour, excursion, trip, voyage pro closed ok
4 Dec 21 '17 pol>eng raport poemisyjny audience report pro closed ok
- Nov 11 '17 rus>eng не мешай/ты мне мешаешь If you don't mind, I'd like to/I need to/I have to etc. pro closed no
- Aug 8 '17 pol>eng ale cacko what a doozie!/wow, what an eye candy! pro closed no
4 Mar 17 '16 eng>pol re facsimile and repurposing odnośnie faksymili i zmiennego przeznaczenie pro closed ok
- Feb 6 '16 rus>eng устремимся в бесконечность Our eyes are fixed firmly on the stars, across expanse of space and time, and therein lies the power pro closed no
4 Feb 2 '16 pol>eng śródindeksy mid-page banners pro closed ok
4 Jan 25 '16 pol>eng dysponent mediów media organization pro closed ok
- Oct 31 '15 eng>pol media opportunity okazja medialna/okazja na widoczność medialną pro closed ok
4 Sep 20 '15 eng>pol detal aid pomoc wizualna pro closed ok
- Sep 11 '15 eng>pol biopulsar testing badanie/zobrazowanie ostanu energetycznego organizmu ludzkiego przy pomocy Biopulsaru pro just_closed no
- Aug 23 '15 pol>eng badania angażujące research requiring subject's/interviewee's active participation/involvement pro closed no
4 Aug 6 '15 eng>pol Whatever the size of your party or budget niezależnie od liczby osób w waszej grupie i od waszego budżetu pro closed ok
- Aug 6 '15 eng>pol Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
4 Jul 30 '15 pol>eng podstawowa sprzedaż base/core sales pro closed ok
- Jul 24 '15 eng>pol powered by zasilane przez pro just_closed no
- Jul 24 '15 eng>pol bubble wand różdżka do dmuchania/robienia baniek mydlanych pro closed no
- Jun 8 '15 rus>eng студенты младших курсов университетов lower/junior level university students pro closed no
4 Jun 8 '15 rus>eng вверх по ступеням navigating the labyrinth of life pro closed ok
- May 23 '15 pol>eng Wysyłki kreatywne creative promotional product distribution (campaign) to media outlets pro open no
- May 23 '15 pol>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro open no
4 May 16 '15 pol>eng w przebitce intercut shot pro closed ok
4 May 16 '15 pol>eng koncepcje kreatywnych filmów produktowych ideas for creative product promotion films/ads pro closed ok
4 May 8 '15 eng>pol Widget présentation prezentacja trybu wyświetlania widgetu pro closed ok
- Mar 4 '15 pol>eng belka bar pro closed ok
- Jan 19 '15 pol>eng designatum it ceased to correlate with their image of their own village. pro closed no
- Jan 13 '15 pol>eng wyróżnik distinctive factor pro closed no
4 Dec 2 '14 eng>pol Canalway Cavalcade Kawalkada Wzdłuż Trasy Kanału (ang. Canalway Cavalcade) pro closed ok
- Nov 5 '14 eng>pol Change We Don't Believe In zmiany nie do wiary pro closed ok
- Oct 7 '14 rus>eng моделирование в различных нотациях modeling in various formats pro closed no
- Oct 1 '14 eng>pol bad boy provision klauzula dotyczącą utraty prawa do zwolnienia od rejestracji papierów wartościowych pro closed ok
4 Aug 27 '14 rus>eng при повседневном использовании in regular use pro closed ok
- Aug 26 '14 rus>eng сохранность внешнего вида ensures that the external appearance is preserved over the whole period of usage pro closed no
- Aug 10 '14 pol>eng expose szefowskie Manager's Presentation of Guiding Principles, Values, and Regulations pro closed no
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