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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jul 7 rus>eng получивших больше всех «кэша» the 10 highest-earning billionaires of 2016 pro closed ok
- May 17 rus>eng под раскаленным утюгом under the gun/under intense pressure pro closed ok
- Apr 13 eng>pol panic buying panika zakupów lub zakupowa pro open no
4 Sep 19 '18 pol>eng nie milkną echa There are still repercussions following//People are still talking about// pro closed ok
4 May 20 '18 eng>pol TBA data zostanie ogłoszona pro closed ok
4 Jan 30 '18 eng>pol news agenda agenda medialna//manipulacja opinii publicznej przez media/manipulacja medialna pro closed ok
4 Nov 22 '17 eng>pol opinionated news programme publicystyczny program informacyjny pro closed ok
- Oct 28 '17 eng>pol public media press outlet media prasowe pro closed no
4 Oct 20 '17 rus>eng Опера police investigator pro closed ok
- Sep 27 '17 eng>pol arc of content obieg treści pro open no
- Sep 6 '17 rus>eng разлилась no use crying over spilt Coke pro closed no
4 Sep 6 '17 eng>rus досталась has ended up in the hands of the floor manufacturer pro closed ok
- Jun 18 '17 pol>eng polskie wątki on Polish-related topics/questions/issues/subjects pro closed ok
4 Mar 23 '17 rus>eng Завтра планируется к опубликованию... релиз A news release is planned for tomorrow pro closed ok
- Jul 18 '16 pol>eng magazyn publicystyczny a journal of opinion and commentary pro just_closed no
- Apr 18 '16 rus>eng Как тебе не стыдно, на всю страну матом! Have you no shame, swearing up and down with!/using filthy language! pro closed no
- Apr 15 '16 rus>eng в годы после реформ Александра II in the post-Alexander II reform era pro closed no
- Nov 6 '15 eng>pol ghost article artykuł napisany przez pisarza-widmo/autora-widmo pro closed no
- May 19 '15 eng>pol news cycle cykl zmian nagłówków wiadomości pro closed ok
1 Apr 21 '15 pol>eng Karta Etyczna Mediów Charter of Media Ethics pro closed ok
- Mar 24 '15 pol>eng redaktor numeru issue editor pro closed ok
4 Feb 24 '15 pol>eng patchwork utkany ze skrawków artykułów patchwork stitched from bits and pieces of articles pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '15 eng>pol hard news reporting reportaż poważnych wiadomości pro closed ok
4 Jan 12 '15 eng>pol all but left out praktycznie/prawie że pominięte pro closed ok
- Nov 19 '14 eng>pol ed: (skrót) uw. red. (uwaga redakcyjna) pro closed ok
- Nov 17 '14 rus>eng "Не принято у нас это" Such behavior is not acceptable here/looked down upon here. pro closed no
- Nov 10 '14 rus>eng делается «на глаз» by rough estimation pro closed ok
4 Sep 2 '14 pol>eng Współpracuje merytorycznie z Content provider for the editorial offices of the following newspapers and trade publications: pro closed ok
- May 21 '14 pol>eng urentowienie get the mining industry in the black pro closed ok
3 Feb 16 '14 eng>pol point / counterpoint discussion dyskusja/debata za i przeciw pro closed ok
- Feb 3 '14 rus>eng ...люди, ставшие открытием года... the up-and-comers of the year pro closed no
- Jan 11 '14 rus>eng характеризуется громкими скандалами is rife with massive scandals pro closed no
4 Jan 11 '14 rus>eng Российская и украинская промышленность The industries of Russia and Ukraine have been integrated for a long time... pro closed no
- Jan 10 '14 rus>eng Украина, похоже, снова повернулась к России Ukraine has apparently returned again in Russian fold pro closed no
- Dec 6 '13 pol>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro just_closed no
- Oct 26 '13 eng>pol in self-mailer form formularz bezkopertowy pro closed no
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