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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 21 rus>eng ядра, образованные в качестве продуктов ядерных реакций слияния in nuclei formed as products of nuclear fusion reactions/in nuclei formed during nuclear fusion pro open no
- Jul 18 rus>eng С выходом на with a view toward(s) pro closed ok
- Jul 18 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Jul 17 rus>eng методические измерения measurement following standard (established)experimental protocol//procedure pro open no
- Apr 25 rus>eng нижняя опорная плита lower core support plate pro closed ok
- Apr 1 eng>pol "criticality accident" samoistne wystąpienie stanu krytycznego pro closed ok
- Feb 28 rus>eng выдержка расплава melt holding pro just_closed no
- Dec 19 '19 rus>eng энергетические зависимости сечений взаимодействия ядер there is a maximum in the nuclear interaction cross section as a function of energy pro closed ok
- Feb 16 '18 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed no
4 Dec 18 '17 rus>eng СП СУЗ absorber rods for the system of reactor control and protection pro closed ok
- Dec 18 '17 rus>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '17 rus>eng топливная кассета fuel rod pro closed ok
4 May 6 '17 rus>eng напроток takes place via open-cycle (once-through) cooling pro closed ok
- Mar 25 '17 rus>eng оказаться под потенциалом equipment which be at a voltage above ground (potential) pro closed ok
4 Mar 25 '17 rus>eng оказаться под потенциалом equipment which may become energized pro closed ok
4 Nov 3 '16 eng>pol mass activity ionising radiation value miara aktywności właściwej promieniotwórczej pro closed ok
4 Aug 11 '16 eng>pol coking unit instalacja koksowania pro closed ok
- Sep 10 '15 eng>pol outside in od zewnątrz do wewnątrz pro just_closed no
- Sep 10 '15 eng>pol inside out od wewnątrz do zewnątrz pro just_closed no
4 Aug 4 '15 eng>pol pass through lane przejazd strefy kontrolnej pro closed ok
4 Jun 13 '15 eng>pol EMOP ekstremalnie maksymalne ciśnienie robocze pro closed ok
- May 11 '14 eng>pol upper (top) support plate górna płyta wsporcza pro open no
- Feb 13 '14 pol>eng Aparaturowe źródło Neutron source apparatus/instrument pro closed ok
4 Dec 11 '13 rus>eng МЦИ МБИР International Research Centre/Multipurpose Fast (Neutron) Research Reactor pro closed no
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