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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Dec 8 '19 eng>pol turning our products into commodities doprowadzić do utowarowienia (komodyfikacji) naszych produktów easy open no
4 May 20 '19 pol>eng ze sportową nutą with a sporty tone/with a sporty design easy closed ok
- Jul 30 '17 pol>eng twarz marki / szyja marki (żart.) the face of the brand/ the (display) neck of the brand (jocular) easy open no
- Feb 14 '17 rus>eng мир который прямо касается нашего кошелька the world that hits you straight in the wallet/the world that directly affects your bottom line easy closed no
- Oct 31 '16 rus>eng необычно и ярко in unconventional and vivid terms easy closed no
- Oct 26 '16 rus>eng давать урожай bring in a huge harvest of results/success////bring a cornucopia of results/success easy closed no
4 Oct 6 '16 rus>eng Наш конек our forte easy closed ok
- Sep 5 '16 rus>eng Выгодная покупка get a great bargain easy closed no
4 Jun 9 '16 eng>pol checkout strona płatności /kasa/strona realizacji zamówień easy closed ok
- Apr 28 '15 eng>pol Uh oh hm, ehm, ekhm, ojoj, uha, uh/niestety easy just_closed no
- Apr 28 '15 eng>pol Answer hidden by answerer easy just_closed no
- Jan 22 '15 eng>pol EXECUTIVE SEARCH poszukiwanie kandydatów na stanowiska kierownicze easy closed ok
- Jan 21 '15 eng>pol Getting to know the value of data zrozumienie znaczności danych easy closed no
4 Jan 6 '15 pol>eng Szermierz ze szpadą a figure of a naked swordsman holding a sword easy closed ok
4 Jan 6 '15 pol>eng Barokowy kompleks baroque complex/an extensive bloc of baroque buildings easy closed ok
- Nov 1 '14 eng>pol For children it seems obvious dla dzieci to jest jasne jak słońce easy closed no
4 Jun 27 '14 rus>eng пройти мимо the packaging grabs your attention/catches your eye/practically shouts “Buy me! easy closed ok
- Mar 20 '14 pol>eng wskazania respondentów Mentions easy closed ok
- Oct 24 '13 eng>pol it's due for release Powinna/Ma być wydana easy closed no
- Oct 24 '13 eng>pol Answer hidden by answerer easy closed no
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