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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 30 '18 eng>pol Taiwan lotus mist Czapetka samarangijska pro closed ok
- Feb 8 '18 pol>eng Budowa domu systemem gospodarczym self-build pro closed ok
4 Nov 18 '17 eng>pol Never attempt nigdy/nie wolno easy closed no
- Jun 13 '17 pol>eng roszczeniowe postawy attitude of entitlement/entitled attitude/sense of entitlement pro just_closed no
4 Jun 14 '17 eng>eng capsules flavour (probably menthol) capsule placed in the cigarette filter pro closed ok
NP Jun 13 '17 pol>eng wynagrodzenie ustalone według cennika netto określonego w walucie pln remuneration determined on the basis of a net (exclusive of VAT) price list in PLN pro open no
- Jun 7 '17 eng>eng ambiguity? at least one shower inside and at least one shower outside pro closed ok
- Jun 7 '17 eng>pol best buys najbardziej efektywne interwencje pro closed ok
- Jun 7 '17 eng>eng a structural necessity for sub-groups inherent need for lower-status groups (for scapegoating) pro closed ok
4 Jun 7 '17 pol>eng z tytułu dokonanych on the basis of pro closed no
4 Jun 7 '17 pol>eng udostępniona możliwość ubiegania się o nagrody the opportunity provided by the Organiser to compete for awards for/on the basis of [zgłoszenia..] pro closed no
4 May 23 '17 pol>eng reference kod pro closed no
- May 23 '17 eng>pol head of passing przedmiot zaliczeniowy pro closed no
3 May 23 '17 pol>eng poemat vs. wiersz long(er) epic/narrative/lyrical poem/poetic work pro closed no
- May 23 '17 eng>eng Cotton ball in my head muddled up tangle of general arousal, emotions and vague imagery pro closed no
- May 21 '17 pol>eng inaczej niż to czynią often perceived differently pro closed no
4 May 3 '17 pol>eng Wyplot exit slip (road) pro closed no
4 May 2 '17 eng>eng sale by/to 2a covers sales by, to and prescribed, the label omits TO pro closed no
- Mar 30 '17 eng>pol to the services (w celu skręcenie/zjechania) na stację benzynową/miejce obsługi podróżnych pro closed no
- Mar 30 '17 eng>eng portion part easy closed no
- Mar 29 '17 eng>pol GO BEYOND THE MAYHEM poza zamętem pro closed no
- Mar 29 '17 eng>pol Go beyond the myth poza mitem pro closed no
4 Mar 28 '17 pol>eng Janusz biznesu dodgy dealer, dodgy operator pro closed no
4 Mar 13 '17 eng>eng best forum programs systematic ways of dealing with and managing forum presence pro closed no
- Mar 9 '17 eng>eng general meaning of the sentence Twitter is a public forum par excellence AND allows for direct and public comms, FB much less so pro closed no
4 Mar 8 '17 eng>eng expectation and corresponding advocacy impact expectation + corresponding advocacy impact pro closed no
4 Mar 3 '17 eng>pol specifically identify less than precyzyjnie zidentyfikować mniej -[szej liczby] niż pro closed no
4 Mar 2 '17 eng>eng (mg KOH/g of flux) solder flux pro closed no
- Mar 2 '17 eng>eng primito primate pro closed no
- Mar 2 '17 pol>eng fundamenty naszego działania what we do is based on/rooted in some/these fundamental values pro closed no
- Feb 21 '17 eng>eng because who said that... [because] who says that you can't combine luxury, style and quality with [having] fun pro closed no
- Feb 17 '17 pol>eng dyżurny (wojsko) duty officer/sergeant pro closed ok
4 Jan 23 '17 eng>pol Elephant in the room niemy wyrzut sumienia pro closed ok
4 Jan 20 '17 eng>eng the word area the area of the brain responsible for verbal processing pro closed ok
- Jan 20 '17 eng>pol ocean-racing Donzi oceaniczna motorówka regatowa Donzi pro closed ok
- Jan 18 '17 eng>pol pre-set data and thresholds wcześniej zdefiniowane/określone dane i limity pro closed ok
- Jan 18 '17 eng>eng every conner of in the context it doesn't matter easy closed ok
4 Jan 16 '17 eng>pol phone lines are covered linie telefoniczne są obsługiwane pro closed ok
- Dec 12 '16 eng>pol Event akcje pro closed no
- May 11 '16 pol>eng zaniechania neglect pro closed ok
4 May 11 '16 eng>pol valence coding kodowanie walencji pro closed ok
- May 10 '16 pol>eng prawidlowo zorientowana uwaga attention appropriately focused in social situations pro closed ok
- Mar 14 '16 eng>pol flowing tulle lejący się tiul pro closed ok
- Feb 29 '16 pol>eng klimatyczny exuding/giving off a [...] vibe pro closed ok
- Jan 31 '16 pol>eng zza Odry from Germany pro closed no
- Jan 21 '16 pol>eng w obiegu społecznym social circulation pro closed no
- Jan 21 '16 eng>eng Short Term - Short Time Extra 25% off. For a short time only. easy closed no
4 Jan 13 '16 eng>eng Half Ocean View partial ocean view pro closed ok
- Dec 9 '15 eng>pol churned sour milk masło pro open no
- Apr 23 '15 eng>eng couple of fifths two 0.2 of a (US) gallon (about 0.75l) bottles of liquor (high-alcohol content drink, 'spirits') pro closed no
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