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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 27 fra>eng adoptez la posture intérieure be centred pro open no
- May 26 fra>eng rapport périodique de conjoncture et de prospective periodic report on the current scientific situation and its possible evolution pro open no
- May 26 fra>eng producteur de séjours 'holiday producer' pro open no
- May 23 fra>eng chanfrein d'entrée chamfered end pro open no
- May 21 fra>eng ramené corresponding to pro open no
- May 14 fra>eng La forme n'est chez lui jamais préalable. He doesn't adhere to (any form of) convention pro closed ok
3 May 16 fra>eng hors provision (charges) without provisional payment pro closed no
- May 15 sve>eng kontrolldragning tension inspection pro closed ok
- May 15 fra>eng travaillant comme dix work like a Trojan pro closed no
- May 14 sve>eng Krypkörning driving in a low gear pro closed no
- May 9 fra>eng CSE d’établissement (Local) Social and Economic Committee pro closed no
- May 9 fra>eng CSE central Central Social and Economic Committee pro closed no
- May 7 sve>eng sparinslag without a savings plan pro closed no
- Apr 29 fra>eng moyenne couronne middle-belt suburbs pro closed no
- Apr 30 sve>eng andelsspel group betting pro closed no
- Apr 24 sve>eng Notariemål Notarial services pro closed ok
- Apr 22 fra>eng gros d’Orient glacé Shiny, (stout) oriental silk pro open no
4 Apr 21 sve>eng kompletterande ansökan supplementary application easy closed no
- Apr 16 fra>eng CA comptable Net turnover easy closed ok
- Apr 15 fra>eng valant saisie effectively seized pro closed ok
- Apr 15 fra>eng avoir envie de fancy easy closed ok
3 Apr 15 fra>eng produits pastillés items with a sticker pro closed ok
- Apr 3 fra>eng système de circulation tournante loop circulation pro closed no
- Apr 2 fra>eng valoriser to be validated as pro closed no
- Apr 2 fra>eng valoriser project to be recognized as part of pro closed no
2 Apr 1 sve>eng VFU practical teacher training pro closed ok
- Apr 1 sve>eng flödestaxa flow tax pro closed ok
- Mar 30 fra>eng récupérer jumped on the Coronavirus bandwagon pro closed ok
- Mar 31 fra>eng repli immeuble buildings fallback plan pro closed ok
- Mar 27 sve>eng Kundbokslut company statements pro closed ok
- Mar 23 fra>eng Lancier water cannon operator pro closed no
- Mar 21 fra>eng À l’arrivée (in this context) time of publication pro closed ok
4 Mar 20 sve>eng Skuldslag Debt class pro closed ok
- Mar 20 fra>eng Préjudice (clause) harm pro closed no
- Mar 18 sve>eng vårrustad shipshape for spring pro open no
4 Mar 15 fra>eng Communiqué du Cabinet royal Statement by Royal Office pro closed no
4 Mar 15 fra>eng une chûte d'eaux usées (sewage/wastewater) downpipe pro closed ok
4 Mar 14 fra>eng principe certain de créance established existence of debt pro closed ok
- Mar 9 fra>eng rejets de prélèvement block a direct debit pro closed no
- Mar 6 fra>eng parties communes de l’assiette de la propriété common floorspace pro closed ok
3 Mar 2 fra>eng stil steel rebars pro closed no
- Feb 29 fra>eng Accompagnement de mort cérébrale Life support following brain death pro closed ok
- Feb 27 fra>eng Contenance cadastrale Cadastral surface for tax (rates) purpose easy closed no
- Feb 20 fra>eng démarche résiliente de précognition resilient precognition approach pro just_closed no
4 Feb 21 fra>eng Reconnaissance des Conditions Générales Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions easy closed no
- Feb 21 fra>eng liquidité liquidation pro closed no
- Feb 21 sve>eng bredspolat large diameter coils pro closed no
4 Feb 18 sve>eng Av rekvisitet synnerliga skäl Exceptional grounds for pro closed ok
- Feb 18 fra>eng atteinte à la probité corruption pro closed ok
4 Feb 17 sve>eng drag tow bar pro closed ok
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