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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Sep 18 '19 eng>eng be reduced to a judgment converted to a judgment pro closed no
4 Jun 22 '19 eng>eng Capital letter Apparently not pro closed no
3 May 8 '18 eng>eng EEE day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) pro closed ok
4 May 8 '18 eng>eng H day of the week (Mon, Tue, etc.) pro closed no
4 Apr 15 '18 eng>eng "Copy Ready” or displayed on the front site "anúncio pronto" ou divulgado na vitrina pro closed no
- Nov 9 '17 eng>eng become a bar create obstruction pro closed ok
- May 8 '16 eng>eng entitled to credit or repayment cannot receive any indirect financial benefit from paying the Indirect Tax pro closed no
- Dec 2 '15 eng>eng probe attack to investigate the attack pro closed ok
4 Aug 23 '15 eng>eng flooded fed abundantly with signals/information pro closed no
4 Aug 4 '15 eng>eng lineal son he has 9 sisters pro closed ok
2 Jul 23 '15 eng>eng mentee - does it need an accent mark over e? no accent pro closed no
4 Mar 25 '15 eng>eng additional to these Articles above and beyond the percentage provided in these articles pro closed ok
4 Mar 25 '15 eng>eng to borrow against to use future income from the budget as collateral for a current loan pro closed ok
4 Feb 8 '15 eng>eng in some formulations in some interpretations pro closed no
4 Jan 20 '15 eng>eng Integration sensing to perceive or recognise an opportunity for integration pro closed ok
4 Jun 25 '14 eng>eng and form one fund Yes, it means one fund... pro closed ok
4 Jun 22 '14 eng>eng before you say nothing multiple interpretations pro closed ok
- May 12 '14 eng>eng demand or necessitate requires pro closed no
4 May 9 '14 eng>eng Poem of unknown origin anonymous pro closed no
4 May 2 '14 eng>eng service credit (US) a portion of the payment for services pro closed no
- Mar 31 '14 eng>eng trade or commercial dispute? much the same but maybe a difference of scale pro closed no
4 Feb 24 '14 eng>eng reserve reservation fee pro closed no
4 Oct 13 '13 eng>eng pre-tax dollars dollars out of gross income, before paying tax pro closed ok
- Oct 3 '13 eng>eng in situ surface installed surface pro closed ok
- Sep 25 '13 eng>eng sire with a capacity of pro closed no
4 Sep 11 '13 eng>eng registry collaboration agreement agreement to collaborate on registration pro closed no
- Aug 25 '13 eng>eng permit to work systems official permission to perform certain services pro closed ok
- Jun 20 '13 eng>eng projection of profit entitlement forecast of the profits to which shares will be entitled pro open no
- Jun 20 '13 eng>eng projection of profit entitlement projeção de lucro devido pro open no
4 Mar 27 '13 eng>eng chirrun children pro closed no
- Jan 26 '13 eng>eng waive, reduce or extend renunciar, reduzir ou estender/aumentar pro closed no
4 Jan 13 '13 eng>eng stretch - stretching targets which are a challenge to meet pro closed no
4 Dec 15 '12 eng>eng inverted the opposite of the normal, back to front pro closed no
4 Dec 15 '12 eng>eng the Town-Ho the name of a whaling ship pro closed no
4 Dec 15 '12 eng>eng strong reliable, convincing pro closed no
4 Dec 13 '12 eng>eng expensive it cost a lot pro closed ok
4 Dec 6 '12 eng>eng their inoffensive I think there is something missing... pro closed no
4 Nov 7 '12 eng>eng contingent on reaching.... are conditional on/depend on pro closed no
4 Nov 7 '12 eng>eng legacies money or property bequeathed to another by will pro closed no
4 Nov 3 '12 eng>eng work the vessel in to sail against the wind by "beating" pro closed no
4 Oct 27 '12 eng>eng slanted left oblique lines of foamy wake behind the vessels pro closed no
4 Oct 24 '12 eng>eng 3-litre home (or intended meaning from "nurse" to end of sentence) drive a 3-litre car very carefully to get to the finishing line pro closed ok
- Oct 20 '12 eng>eng conspicuous by its absence it called attention to itself by not being there pro closed ok
4 Oct 14 '12 eng>eng when you get through plowing you are an agricultural labourer pro closed no
4 Oct 9 '12 eng>eng the depth of our partner bench bench strength/depth pro closed no
4 Oct 7 '12 eng>eng venitate ventilate pro closed ok
- Oct 6 '12 eng>eng in commission on duty/in service pro closed no
- Oct 3 '12 eng>eng operations printed media pro closed no
4 Oct 3 '12 eng>eng primed and fed and acceptable operators working operating under full and continuous production, supervised by trained operators pro closed no
4 Sep 22 '12 eng>eng tip him the wink make an invitation to him to be dishonest and receive a bribe pro closed no
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