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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 26 '14 por>eng estando a raiz do sintagma nominal sujeito with the root of the subject noun/nominal phrase pro closed ok
4 Jun 20 '12 eng>eng appearance as small and insignificant despite their small and insignificant appearance pro closed no
- Apr 16 '12 eng>por Training Track Certificate certidão de/do curso pro closed ok
- Nov 14 '11 eng>eng bankability it is viable and deserving of financial support with low risk pro closed ok
- May 2 '11 eng>eng meaning of the future perfect tense often they will have been forced into a lifestyle pro closed no
- Mar 24 '11 por>eng estabelece a identidade completa shows the close similarity pro closed ok
4 Mar 18 '11 eng>por rescued from the pound resgatamos do canil municipal pro closed no
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