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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Nov 9 '15 por>eng falaciosas razões de veto the spurious justification for the veto pro closed no
4 Jul 14 '12 eng>eng polarized throughout/across/along thickness polarized across its thickness pro closed no
- Jun 24 '12 eng>eng can revolutionize the approach to the missions leading to resulting in pro closed no
4 Apr 10 '12 eng>eng capturing yes pro closed no
4 Feb 4 '11 por>eng diferença inter-grupos relativamente estreita fairly(quite) narrow(small) intergroup difference pro closed ok
- Feb 1 '11 eng>por Computer controlled statistical mass estimation of helicopters estimação estatística de massa de helicópteros (controlado) por computador pro closed ok
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