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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 8 '14 por>eng tem passagem por boates que marcaram has appeared at several famous nightclubs pro closed ok
- Apr 13 '12 eng>eng decline in the exhilarating development with no reduction in/without diminishing the exhilarating development pro closed ok
- Jul 4 '11 eng>eng Area Activities regional activites as opposed to local activities pro closed no
- Mar 18 '11 por>eng um pau de chuva ou um reco reco a rainstick or a güiro pro closed no
- Jan 17 '11 eng>por cunning vixen muito ligeira pro closed no
- Jan 4 '11 por>eng faz um passeio por 11 músicas sings 11 varied songs pro closed ok
4 Jan 4 '11 por>eng Minha voz combina melhor com poucos acompanhamentos My voice sounds better with little accompaniment pro closed no
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