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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jun 4 '14 eng>eng His crew found him more easy-going than the irascible and bullying Collard. Captain Collard was the previous commander of "Clive". easy closed no
4 Dec 17 '12 eng>eng for another two weeks for two more weeks easy closed no
- Nov 5 '12 eng>por go round para todos easy closed no
4 Aug 21 '12 eng>por Expedition expedição easy closed ok
4 Jul 27 '12 eng>eng shouldn’t it be “GET more loquacious…” am/become easy closed no
4 Jul 11 '12 eng>por Scrapping descarte como sucata easy closed no
4 Jul 10 '12 eng>eng interaction effect of Yes, basically it means interaction easy closed no
4 Jul 8 '12 eng>eng out-and-out outright easy closed no
- Jun 30 '12 eng>eng beforehand or in adbance I prefer "in advance" easy closed no
4 Jun 20 '12 eng>eng Difference no difference easy closed no
4 May 21 '12 eng>eng Could you have answered it the same meaning and both correct easy closed no
- May 17 '12 eng>eng pure vegetable oil noun with two adjectives easy closed ok
4 May 10 '12 eng>eng Outside you could use "outside" easy closed no
4 Apr 24 '12 eng>eng difference comparison of duration and location easy closed no
- Apr 17 '12 eng>por crank funcionar easy closed ok
4 Apr 2 '12 por>eng procedimentos tributários x procedimentos fiscais tax procedures x inspection procedures easy closed no
4 Mar 28 '12 eng>eng it was just an illusion the reality was different easy closed no
4 Jan 24 '12 eng>eng Abundant in oil Nigeria has squandered... Abundant in oil, Nigeria has squandered... easy closed no
4 Oct 30 '11 eng>eng temporal change change over time easy closed ok
- Oct 21 '11 eng>esl you may be ready to learn perhaps you are ready to know more about... easy closed ok
4 Oct 1 '11 eng>eng list of ethnic groups Silures easy closed no
4 May 29 '11 eng>eng doorway recessed doorway easy closed no
4 Mar 19 '11 eng>eng One more? one more? easy closed no
- Jan 20 '11 eng>por A grant is gratefully acknowledged agradecemos a doação recebida easy just_closed no
- Jan 20 '11 eng>por people with no axe to grind pessoas sem interesses pessoais (no caso) easy closed ok
- Jan 20 '11 eng>por he died from gun shot wounds ele morreu de ferimentos de arma de fogo easy closed ok
- Jan 11 '11 por>eng atrair o público attract members of the public easy closed ok
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