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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 10 '12 eng>eng with the possible exception of except perhaps for (the Aberdeen office) easy closed no
4 Aug 30 '12 eng>eng Operations activities that have to be overseen by an engineer easy closed no
4 Jul 21 '12 eng>eng The were no cattle "stuck" within 60s stuck easy closed no
4 Jun 30 '12 eng>por Tramp relief and overload protection upon introduction of uncrushable foreign ma passagem/alívio de material inquebrável e proteção contra sobrecarga (com material inquebrável) easy closed ok
4 Jul 18 '11 eng>eng one unit 12pt x 12pt easy closed no
4 Jul 18 '11 eng>eng free white space a white margin easy closed ok
4 Feb 21 '11 por>eng Brocas Prof Armada c/.... cast-in-situ concrete piles easy closed ok
- Feb 20 '11 por>eng caixa acoplada saida lateral built-in (sink) trap with side exit easy closed ok
- Feb 20 '11 por>eng Marquise (Context of construction) marquise easy closed no
4 Feb 19 '11 por>eng contra-piso sub-floor easy closed no
4 Feb 19 '11 por>eng CONCRETO (Fck 25 Mpa) Concrete (Compression resistance 25 Mega Paschal) easy closed no
4 Feb 19 '11 por>eng Baldarames concrete foundation beam easy closed no
4 Feb 3 '11 eng>por Insert large spring with spring retainer vertically into the housing from below Inserir a mola grande com retentor da mola verticalmente no alojamento de baixo para cima easy closed ok
4 Jan 9 '11 por>eng Modelagem de Transporte de Óleo Oil Transport Modelling easy closed no
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