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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jan 20 '19 fra>eng héritage clos ou non clos enclosed/unenclosed property pro closed ok
- Jan 3 '19 fra>eng Absence d'imprévision no provision for supervening circumstances (hardship) pro open no
4 Nov 15 '18 esl>eng "Proceso ordenado de venta" orderly sales process pro closed ok
4 May 19 '15 fra>eng nouveau congé new termination date pro closed ok
4 Apr 3 '15 eng>eng compromising affecting in a bad way (the main residence) pro closed ok
4 Jan 28 '15 eng>eng stay 30 days reserved and 60 days walk in per year stay a 30 day per year period by reserving it in advance and another 60 days here and there... pro closed ok
4 Oct 18 '14 eng>eng ambient gas fireplace gas fireplace that creates traditional ambiance or atmosphere pro closed no
4 Jul 31 '14 eng>eng statement bulkheads (partitition) walls used as architectural statements or features to make them stand out pro closed ok
- Mar 30 '14 fra>eng Terrain nu et dépollué par le vendeur Bare/vacant/undeveloped land, cleared by the vendor/seller pro closed ok
- Nov 27 '13 eng>fra scullery garde-manger pro closed ok
4 Aug 16 '13 fra>eng maîtrise(s) de terres custodianship of land pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '13 fra>eng maîtres de (la) terre people of the land/earth custodians pro closed ok
4 Aug 2 '13 fra>eng réalisation completion (of contract) pro closed ok
4 May 2 '13 fra>eng portables au domicile payable at the address of pro closed ok
4 Feb 22 '13 ita>eng Agenzia del Territorio Agenzia del Territorio"(Land Registry Office) pro closed ok
4 Nov 21 '12 fra>eng en portefeuille planning stage pro closed ok
- Jun 27 '12 ita>eng Ufficio Demanio Marittimo Ufficio Demanio Marittimo (Office for Coastal Property) pro closed ok
- Feb 3 '12 esl>eng aseo con ducha bathroom with shower pro closed ok
- Dec 16 '11 esl>eng terreno de dominio público marítimo public coastal domain land pro closed no
- Dec 16 '11 esl>eng testigo control sample pro closed ok
- Sep 25 '11 esl>eng edificio exclusivo a la actividad adosado a otros ajenos in a building, adjacent to others, which is exclusively for the activity pro closed no
- Aug 19 '11 fra>eng peser worth pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '11 fra>eng intérêts équivalents (damages and) interest which are equivalent to... pro closed ok
- Jul 26 '11 fra>eng l'ensemble de la co-propriété elements (areas) of common usage by the joint or co owners OR community OR corporation pro closed ok
- Jul 24 '11 fra>eng Associés en jouissance Partners/shareholders for the use/enjoyment of pro closed ok
- Jul 24 '11 fra>eng terrain en nature de bois et landes woodland and moors easy closed ok
- Jul 24 '11 fra>eng s'imposant jusqu'à dissolution which will be implemented/imposed until dissolution of pro closed ok
- Jun 13 '11 fra>eng élevée d'un étage sur rez-de-chaussée et rez-de-jardin duplex house (over garden level apartment) pro closed ok
4 May 12 '11 fra>eng Par sol plus constructions (by) site/lot plus construction/buildings pro closed ok
4 May 16 '11 fra>eng Par bâti terrain intégré construction with site/lot included pro closed ok
- May 16 '11 fra>eng surface du terrain intégrée cost of land/site included pro closed ok
4 May 16 '11 fra>eng Épanchement important wood tannin bleeding/seeping pro closed ok
4 May 13 '11 fra>eng parcelle de base virtuelle virtual (basic) land parcel/plot/lot/tract pro closed ok
- Mar 10 '11 fra>eng fiche de contrôle control file/dossier pro closed ok
- Mar 10 '11 fra>eng trafic tournant delivery vehicles/traffic or turnaround traffic pro just_closed no
- Feb 27 '11 fra>eng (apport en société ou) mise à disposition making available to/putting at disposition of pro just_closed no
4 Feb 25 '11 esl>eng reparcelación land re-parcelling pro closed ok
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