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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Nov 28 '19 fra>eng en filigrane de with undertones of (house music) pro closed ok
4 Jun 1 '19 fra>eng un beat avec le pied one foot tapping pro closed ok
4 Apr 17 '17 fra>eng ornements ornaments or embellishments pro closed ok
4 Jun 16 '14 ita>eng corsi ordinari regular courses pro closed ok
- Aug 13 '13 eng>eng girls play the boys, boys play the girls, and a dog (sort of) plays the dog girls play the boys roles and vice versa and the dog plays himself easy closed no
- Apr 3 '13 eng>eng It had to be this thing where psychologically (...) they had this thing where, the worrying situation they found themselves in where... pro closed ok
4 Jan 19 '13 fra>eng retenir l'air keep, pick up and hold (for different instances) pro closed ok
- Jan 1 '13 fra>eng répondre à for the performance of pro closed no
- Dec 17 '12 eng>eng bend bent note/bending a note and bend pro closed no
- Nov 12 '12 fra>eng chaleur great music pro just_closed no
- Aug 15 '12 eng>eng comedy records records/albums/cds recorded by comedians pro closed no
- Aug 8 '12 esl>eng armas propias (have) masterful technique and virtuosity (of expression) pro closed ok
- May 5 '12 fra>eng Òaï Òaï Star pro closed ok
- Apr 12 '12 esl>eng incomplete sentence? along with the actual music- speculation on the concepts of tone pro closed no
- Apr 12 '12 esl>eng de manera timbrica in a tonal way pro closed ok
- Jul 24 '11 fra>eng relevés de musique music cue sheet pro just_closed no
- Jul 5 '11 esl>eng en la clásica se ha pecado demasiado de vestidos largos classical music sometimes too overdressed in black tie formality pro closed ok
- May 4 '11 ita>eng scosse magnetiche dei piatti the magnetic sound of the cymbals pro closed ok
- Feb 3 '11 esl>eng discotecas maquineras Techno/Hard-core "Makina" music discos pro closed ok
4 Jan 13 '11 fra>eng diffusion diffusion/public performance/broadcasting pro closed ok
- Dec 29 '10 esl>eng nos sitúa tímbricamente that enfolds/swathes/immerses us in (the quality of ) its timbre pro just_closed ok
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