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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 25 deu>eng setzen Sie gekonnt in Szene provide the perfect setting (for your....) pro closed no
- Mar 10 fra>eng entre tempête et brouillard when faced with a dilemma pro closed ok
- Jan 28 deu>eng Jetzt raus mit der Ölheizung Goodbye to oil! pro closed no
- Jan 11 esl>eng la voluntad ya no estaba dirigida por lo humano his resolve was not inspired/controlled by the human mind pro closed ok
- Jan 11 esl>eng con los ojos ardiendo de un color azul ardiente his fiery blue eyes blazing pro closed ok
4 Dec 12 '19 ita>eng preservare la dimensione umana safeguarding the human element pro closed ok
- Nov 6 '19 fra>eng dessus de table kickback pro closed no
- Aug 29 '19 ita>eng Procedere how pro just_closed no
- Jul 6 '19 ita>eng mente sopraffina (superbly) discerning mind pro closed ok
4 Jun 24 '19 eng>deu from mass production to mass customization von Massenproduktion zu Massenindividualisierung pro closed ok
4 Mar 21 '19 ita>eng un inutile polverone senseless tumult pro closed ok
4 Feb 23 '19 fra>eng dans le vert de la pluie in the (very) green rain easy closed ok
- Feb 22 '19 ita>eng Facciamo chiarezza For the sake of clarity: pro closed ok
4 Jan 25 '19 ita>eng subendo la naturale usura being overused / becoming hackneyed pro closed ok
4 Jan 17 '19 deu>eng Nachgefragt: Update: (just how ready is .. ... for digitalisation?) pro closed ok
- Jan 11 '19 deu>eng das noch junge Jahr start to the year pro closed no
- Jan 3 '19 ita>eng Rinformare e prendere padronanza improve (your) technique and strengthen... pro open no
- Jan 4 '19 fra>eng que manque-t-il à votre confort what would make this train more comfortable for you? easy closed no
- Nov 12 '18 ita>eng Correzione tracciato improvement/modernisation of the line pro closed ok
- Dec 15 '17 deu>eng Die hosch guat hinkriagt She's turned out well pro closed no
4 Nov 24 '17 eng>deu time-challenged Wenn Sie auch unter Zeitknappheit leiden, pro closed ok
4 Nov 2 '17 ita>eng sperduto in un piano infinito drifting in infinity pro closed ok
4 Oct 13 '17 ita>eng con il mio piatto on my own patch pro closed ok
- Oct 13 '17 ita>eng l'aria ne è satura her fragrance fills the air easy closed ok
- May 7 '17 fra>eng un repas du saigneur butcher's repast pro closed ok
- May 4 '17 fra>eng allumé switched on easy closed ok
- Apr 4 '17 fra>eng à me rapprocher de ma cohérence to become more coherent pro closed no
- Mar 5 '17 fra>eng ça manque d'envolée lyrique there is no soul-searching pro closed no
- Feb 18 '17 fra>eng la parole est prise en ribembelle in succession / consecutively pro closed no
- Jan 29 '17 esl>eng a este nivel de profundizacion at this stage of advancement / developments pro closed ok
4 Jan 1 '17 ita>eng alta velocità impressa prompted by/ powered by/ sparked by/ induced by/ accelerated by pro closed ok
- Nov 11 '16 deu>eng So einfach geht‘s zu s. below easy closed ok
- Nov 5 '16 esl>eng lograr la participación de (it has been a challenge) to secure the involvement pro closed ok
- Nov 1 '16 esl>eng donde las únicas estaciones encontradas eran la frustración y la impotencia on which the only respite is frustration and helplessness pro closed no
4 Oct 25 '16 esl>eng transpiraba miedo hasta por el pelo dripping with fear pro closed ok
- Oct 13 '16 esl>eng a flor de piel Feel your skin radiate/glow from within pro closed ok
- Oct 4 '16 deu>eng Verwurstung hack-up/mangling pro open no
4 Sep 17 '16 fra>eng on ne peut pas ne pas voir ces boutiques. its impossible to overlook these shops/boutiques easy closed ok
4 Sep 1 '16 ita>eng una nebbiolina sottile ne copriva i confini the outline of the far horizon was envelopped in a light mist pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '16 esl>eng trabajar desde lo pequeño from small beginnings come great things pro closed ok
- Aug 6 '16 ita>eng omologazione dilagante increasing conformity pro closed ok
- Jun 5 '16 fra>eng sauter au mur we'll get on like a house on fire pro closed ok
- May 23 '16 fra>eng entre deux eaux half-submerged pro closed ok
4 May 13 '16 fra>eng fous-mois ta guitare en l'air and you can chuck your damn/effing/bloody guitar (for a start) easy closed ok
- Apr 13 '16 ita>eng fa valere mention / voice pro closed ok
- Apr 12 '16 ita>eng ne è rimasta contagiata made its mark pro closed ok
- Apr 3 '16 esl>eng no estar en riesgo de adquirir (reported that they) are unlikely to contract pro closed ok
- Mar 12 '16 fra>eng radio-cocotiers bush telegraph pro closed ok
- Mar 8 '16 fra>eng pékin any Tom, Dick or Harry pro closed ok
- Mar 3 '16 ita>eng bellezze bicicletta the beauties of nature all around.... get cycling! pro closed no
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