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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 10 ita>eng fascia grigia silver citizens pro closed ok
4 Sep 10 esl>eng levantamiento capture pro closed ok
- Sep 10 eng>deu Air Cover Werbung pro just_closed no
4 Sep 10 deu>eng Rollhöcker greater/lesser tubercle pro closed ok
- Sep 9 deu>eng nicht selbstgelenkten PKW (make use of) a chauffeur-driven car pro closed no
- Sep 6 eng>deu pretentious 100% natürlich/naturbelassen pro closed no
4 Aug 26 deu>eng Pampille pendant pro closed ok
4 Aug 24 eng>deu CA / Auth No certification application pro closed ok
- Aug 23 eng>deu water above the crown mit mindestens 25 cm Wasserhöhe oberhalb des Triebes pro closed ok
- Aug 14 fra>eng En temps utile when appropriate pro closed no
- Aug 6 ita>eng qui esprime il meglio di sé best characterised by pro closed ok
- Jul 21 deu>eng löffelfertig down to the last bits and bobs pro closed no
- Jul 11 eng>deu one-two punch Ein Schlag nach dem anderen für Kleinbrauereien pro closed ok
- Jun 30 deu>eng mit Abstand by far and away (the best.....) pro closed no
- Jun 25 deu>eng setzen Sie gekonnt in Szene provide the perfect setting (for your....) pro closed no
- Jun 22 ita>eng voli concorsuali standard flights pro open no
4 Jun 18 deu>eng Schartenbeschuss (for) shelling the embrasures pro closed no
- Jun 16 deu>eng Ihr Einsatzort für THE venue for pro closed no
- Jun 15 deu>eng Gutes (hier) and this one is really worth having pro closed no
4 Jun 14 fra>eng une pleine disponibilité d’emploi full operational readiness pro closed ok
- Jun 10 deu>eng Lageerkundung abgeschlossen haben have finished checking out the set up pro closed ok
- May 31 deu>eng ein großes Stück näher bringt taking huge strides (towards achieving...) pro closed no
- May 29 eng>deu the pessimism of disbelief der Unglaube der Pessimisten pro closed no
- May 18 eng>deu punch code lock Torschloss mit Code pro closed no
4 May 18 fra>eng échos francs flutter echo pro closed ok
- May 14 eng>deu Military or defense grade controls militärische bzw. wehrtechnische Kontrollmaßnahmen pro closed ok
- May 14 eng>deu perimeter Außenbegrenzung pro closed ok
- May 12 deu>eng Qualifikand(innen) those in the qualification phase pro closed no
- May 4 fra>eng un arbre d'eau a partially submerged tree pro closed ok
4 Apr 20 eng>deu foraging nach Eßbarem suchen pro closed no
- Apr 18 deu>eng Kochkellen silver ladle pro closed ok
- Apr 10 eng>deu raking round Ranglistenrunde pro closed no
- Apr 4 ita>eng Si può ridare dignità ad un numero A number (re)claims its dignity pro open no
- Apr 5 eng>deu flush out Luftreinigung / Luftwäsche pro open no
- Apr 4 eng>deu foxing Gummibandage pro closed no
4 Apr 4 eng>deu career high persönlicher Punkterekord pro closed ok
- Apr 1 eng>deu three-peat (hier) Dreitorf pro closed ok
4 Mar 31 eng>deu walla chatter Volksgemurmel pro closed ok
- Mar 31 eng>deu Burial Lots Grabstätte/Grabstelle pro just_closed no
- Mar 30 ita>eng in braghe di tela in an awkward position pro closed ok
- Mar 17 deu>eng Impulsfrage starting question pro closed ok
- Mar 15 deu>eng Nachbauersatzteile aftermarket (replacement) parts pro closed ok
4 Mar 15 eng>deu purchasing combination Einkaufsgemeinschaft pro closed ok
4 Mar 10 eng>deu Bullskin Bullenleder pro closed ok
- Mar 10 deu>eng schnapp-ab cut-off pro closed ok
- Mar 10 fra>eng entre tempête et brouillard when faced with a dilemma pro closed ok
4 Mar 10 eng>deu Talent department Mitarbeiterförderung / Personalentwicklung pro closed no
4 Mar 9 eng>deu rolling and crimping walzen und zerkleinern pro closed no
- Mar 9 ita>eng vini eccentrici authentic wines pro closed no
4 Mar 7 deu>eng Lösungen mit Hand und Fuß fit-for-purpose solutions pro closed ok
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