Translation of official documents, contracts and certificates for beginners - Part 2

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Training from the series:

* On-demand Translation of official documents, contracts and certificates for beginners - Part 1 (75 minutes)

* On-demand Translation of official documents, contracts and certificates for beginners - Part 2 (60 minutes)

* January 25 Translation of official documents, contracts and certificates for beginners - Part 3 (60 minutes)

All training sessions offer lists of links to resources for the practice of legal translation.

Find the introductory video from the free webinar below:
Duration:100 minutes
Summary:This webinar is a sequel to the webinar "Translation of official documents, contracts and certificates for beginners" aimed at providing additional information, instruction and practice focusing on skills and competences necessary to meet the demanding standards of legal translation.
This webinar is a sequel to the webinar "Translation of official documents, contracts and certificates for beginners". Part 2 is meant to provide additional information, instruction and practice related to the rather specific translation of legal documents. Based on samples and examples originating in authentic documents, Part 2 focuses on specific issues translators may encounter when translating legal texts. The goal is to further develop skills and competences necessary to meet the demanding standards of legal translation.

The main objective of the webinar is to provide participants with practical knowledge that will help them develop the necessary level of expertise to work in the capacity of (certified) translators of legal documents.

Just as with Part 1, this webinar does not offer templates and solutions, but advice and explanations focusing on the translation of legal texts including both court documentation and personal documents.

The webinar is based on authentic and original legal documents in US and UK English whereby UK English is presented through official documents issued in different member states of the European Union.

Training talking points:

  • Degrees and diplomas
  • Verdicts and decrees
  • Sales agreements

Some feedback from others on this course's trainer:

"Good presentation style, very interactive and responsive to questions."
Claire Parry

"Friendly, to the point, concise and extremely inspiring. A great trainer!"
Karin Sander

Target audience
- Freelancers starting in the translation industry.
- Freelancers who want to expand their clients database.
- Translators preparing for the position of a court translator.
Learning objectives
1. Develop skills and competences needed for the translation of official documents.
2. Work with samples of personal identity documents, contracts, licences, certificates and similar documents.
3. Learn how to apply exact steps in the process of translating legal documents.
4. Practice using specific techniques related to certified legal translation.
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1. Degrees and diplomas
2. Verdicts and decrees
3. Personal documents
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 Jasmina Djordjevic    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Jasmina is an Assistant Professor with a PhD in Applied Linguistics (English Language) and an appointed and sworn translator, native in German and Serbian as well as close-to-native in English. She has taught Legal English, Translation Techniques, Consecutive Translation, Culture in Business Communication at the BA level and Intercultural Communication and Translation as well as Consecutive and Conference Interpreting at the MA level. Parallel to her academic career, she has been developing her translator and interpreter career for the last 23 years. Now she is trying to contribute to the profession by coaching students to become good translators, interpreters or teachers. She has written many articles and a few books, two of the most important ones being “Translation in Practice – Written and Consecutive” and "Scientific, Professional and Official Translation", which consists of two volumes, one is a theoretical overview and the other is a workbook. Her primary objective is to offer valid and tested teaching/ learning techniques for students training to be translators and interpreters. Jasmina's extensive and elaborate academic and professional record shows highly developed standards needed in the translation and interpreting business.
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Extremely satisfied (5 out of 5)
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