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» Coping with You
By Danilo Nogueira (X) | Published 06/10/2005 | Portuguese | Recommendation:
The PM was a bit green. And when the client asked for a few changes, he asked me, with pointed irony "There must be an agreed translation for a simple word like contact. Don't you think so?" the language in Brazil is changing so fast that grammar books cannot keep the pace and what they recommend is not what sounds acceptable to many.Oh, well, when you translate a list of unconnected sentences, ...
» Into English
By Danilo Nogueira (X) | Published 06/10/2005 | Portuguese | Recommendation:
Seven survival tools for translating Brazilian Portuguese into English and Translation Journal's First World Translation Contest
» What Is the Word for "you" in Portuguese?
By Danilo Nogueira (X) | Published 06/10/2005 | Portuguese | Recommendation:
This brief note is dedicated to all those who have spent a long time learning Spanish and want to add Portuguese as an easy "second" more or less in the same manner a German symphony orchestra would throw in a Strauss waltz as a "bonbon" to finish off an otherwise all-Bruckner night with a light touch. A couple of years ago I flew to Porto Alegre. At the client's office and a ...
» Two New Portuguese Dictionaries
By Gabe Bokor | Published 06/9/2005 | Portuguese | Recommendation:
Michaelis Moderno Dicionrio Ingls-Portugus, Portugus-Ingls Publisher: Melhoramentos ISBN 85-06-03123-0 1735 pages, 167,000 entries Price in Brazil: R$ 125.00 (1 real ~ US$ 0.5) Those of us who translate into or from Portuguese have for long waited for a new edition of the venerable Michaelis dictionaries, first published in 1957, which have been reprinted over 50 times since then, but n ...
» Avoid the "Brazil Risk"
By Brett Ferrell | Published 03/29/2005 | Portuguese | Recommendation:
This is a comprehensive Contract model in Portuguese that will assist Translators doing business in Brasil to reduce their risks of non-payment and legal complications, including clauses related to confidentiality, databases and late fees.

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