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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 2 '11 ita>eng sede head office pro just_closed no
4 May 31 '11 esl>eng incidencia significativa with a significant impact on its balance of payments pro closed ok
- Aug 6 '09 esl>eng más allá de las formas if we look beyond appearances pro closed no
4 Jun 17 '09 fra>eng PV de mise en service commissioning report pro closed ok
- Jun 13 '09 ita>eng in esclusiva reale as a genuine exclusive pro just_closed no
- Jun 12 '09 fra>eng forces conséquentes sur personnel required by the processes of modern chemistry pro closed ok
4 Jun 11 '09 esl>eng que previo su reintegro pending its inclusion pro closed ok
4 Apr 30 '09 fra>eng cahier des charges technique technical specifications pro closed no
- Jan 8 '09 ita>eng al divieto di concorrenza in capo agli amministratori to the competition ban between directors pro closed ok
- May 8 '08 ita>eng Connesso da remoto speaking by remote link pro closed ok
- Mar 9 '08 fra>eng disponibilité d’esprit undivided attention pro closed ok
- Jan 10 '08 fra>eng grandissant les risques covering the risks pro closed ok
- Dec 20 '07 fra>eng relai d'influence influence broker pro closed ok
- Nov 13 '07 ita>eng orario continuato with no lunchtime closing pro closed ok
- Mar 26 '06 esl>eng colocación primaria primary placement pro closed ok
- Mar 26 '06 fra>eng massifier achieve economies of scale (in buying) pro closed ok
4 Mar 17 '06 ita>eng perito aziendale business technical expert pro closed ok
4 Mar 16 '06 esl>eng encuesta de clima opinion poll (for employees) pro closed ok
- Mar 12 '06 fra>eng ouverture technologique technological solution pro closed ok
- Mar 8 '06 ita>eng IDE European Executive Entrepreneurs pro closed no
4 Mar 1 '06 fra>eng mise en délibéré submission for decision pro closed ok
- Feb 22 '06 fra>eng produit sans en cours product not currently in manufacture pro closed ok
- Feb 22 '06 esl>eng corte break pro closed no
3 Feb 19 '06 ita>eng entro le ore 12.00 del giorno successivo a quello del ricevimento dell'avviso di by 12:00 on the day after notice is received of pro closed no
4 Feb 13 '06 fra>eng réussir le «time-to-market» de nos produits obtain the optimum time-to-market for our products pro closed ok
- Feb 8 '06 fra>eng apporter...missions de conseil et d'assistance to offer consultancy and assistance assignments pro closed ok
4 Feb 2 '06 ita>eng visione aziendale almeno formalmente condivisa a company view that is shared at least officially pro closed ok
- Jan 18 '06 fra>eng bénéfice net répartissable net profit available for distribution pro closed ok
4 Dec 30 '05 ita>eng recanti il nominativo della società offerente bearing the name of the bidding company pro closed no
- Dec 22 '05 ita>eng Insegna (vedi frase) trademark pro closed no
- Dec 12 '05 fra>eng aidant as a result of pro closed no
4 Nov 21 '05 fra>eng centre regional d'investissement Regional Investment Centre pro closed ok
4 Nov 19 '05 fra>eng il nous est apparu fondé it made sense pro closed ok
- Nov 18 '05 ita>eng fiducia che vorrete accordarci thank you for your confidence in us pro closed ok
4 Oct 27 '05 ita>eng Parita` Dopia Onor Commerc. Partita Doppia Onorari Commerciali pro closed ok
- Sep 22 '05 ita>eng seconda scelta substandard pro closed ok
- Sep 19 '05 fra>eng mandat d'arrangeur et d'agent appointment of arranging agent pro closed ok
- Sep 6 '05 fra>eng l'offre de l'entreprise the company's product (or service) offering pro closed ok
4 Sep 5 '05 fra>eng X facture à ses clients les références correspondant aux prestations réalisées X invoices his/her clients quoting the references for the services provided pro closed no
4 Aug 31 '05 eng>ita the Buyer shall hold the goods in a fiduciary capacity as bailee on behalf of... depositario garante pro closed no
4 Aug 27 '05 fra>eng sens d'imputation whether it should be credited or debited pro closed ok
- Aug 8 '05 eng>ita ultimate experience definitiva pro closed ok
- Aug 2 '05 fra>eng porteur d'offres bid provider pro closed no
4 Jul 29 '05 ita>eng terreno di attività area of activity pro closed no
- Jul 28 '05 fra>eng frais engendrés costs incurred pro closed ok
- Jul 26 '05 fra>eng commercial sedentaire non-travelling salesperson pro closed ok
- Jul 18 '05 ita>eng minimo d'ordine minimum order quantity pro closed ok
- Jul 18 '05 ita>eng commissariato commissioned pro just_closed no
- Jun 7 '05 fra>eng fond(s) de caisse cash in hand pro closed ok
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