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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 9 '19 fra>eng maison de famille family home pro closed ok
- Jan 4 '19 fra>eng que manque-t-il à votre confort How can we improve things for you when you are sitting down ? easy closed no
4 Nov 27 '18 fra>eng Accompagnés supported easy closed ok
4 Sep 18 '18 fra>eng qui externaliserait leur prise en charge to externalise processing of asylum seekers easy closed ok
- Sep 18 '18 fra>eng Une part relève to be, to be about, to be connected with easy closed ok
- Sep 6 '18 fra>eng je prends / je laisse If I may ; Over to you/back to the floor. easy closed ok
4 Aug 7 '18 fra>eng Avoir un tempérament commercial to be commercially-minded; to be a natural saleman/woman pro closed no
4 Jul 10 '18 fra>eng vivre à tes crochets to live off someone else (financially, materially) pro closed no
- Jun 3 '18 fra>eng yakafokon do-this-do-that pro closed no
- Mar 17 '18 fra>eng Est-ce que ta copine sait monter à cheval? to know HOW to + INF easy closed ok
- Mar 17 '18 fra>eng ils savent très bien jouer aux échecs ! to know HOW to + INF easy closed ok
4 Dec 14 '17 fra>eng mobilier permanent shopfittings, fixtures and fittings easy closed no
4 Dec 6 '17 fra>eng attendre waiting for easy closed no
4 Oct 16 '17 fra>eng Il n'en veut d'ailleurs plus de ce qu'il lui a affirmé. Judging by what he told him, he no longer wants anything to do wth them anyway. easy closed ok
- Sep 10 '17 fra>eng le plus grand rendez-vous populaire the biggest popular horse-racing event pro just_closed no
- Sep 1 '17 fra>eng criminologue de formation a qualified criminologist easy closed ok
- Aug 10 '17 fra>eng Ces observations gagneraient à être These observations should be continued easy closed ok
- Jul 30 '17 fra>eng on peut même dire de prédilection if not the form of predilection easy closed ok
4 Jun 28 '17 fra>eng duquel je suis et demeure parfaitement étrangère and of which I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever easy closed ok
4 Jun 25 '17 fra>eng qu'il voulait le plus parfait possible that he wanted to be as perfect as possible easy closed no
4 Jun 25 '17 fra>eng il va penser to have in mind, to bear in mind, to have a (clear) idea of, to (never) lose sight of easy closed no
- Jun 20 '17 fra>eng nombreuses répliques lots of one-liners pro closed ok
- May 24 '17 fra>eng Mais attendu But as pro closed ok
4 May 21 '17 fra>eng chance it is lucky that, I was lucky to easy closed ok
- May 20 '17 fra>eng mamans dans l’âme friends who are moms and travelers at heart easy closed no
- May 4 '17 fra>eng allumé inspired, inspirational, inspiring easy closed ok
- Apr 12 '17 fra>eng il dépose l’armure qu’il a peut-être l'habitude de porter ailleurs he lays down the arms is used to bearing elsewhere pro closed no
- Mar 14 '17 fra>eng cirage de chaussures to lick someone's boots, to suck up to, (to brown nose) easy closed ok
- Mar 13 '17 fra>eng Il n'est sans doute pas besoin de présenter en détails There is probably no need to go into detail about Xxxxx pro just_closed no
4 Mar 3 '17 fra>eng au maximum de ses envies able to do...; that you can do anything you want; - anything at all; - just about anything you want pro closed ok
- Feb 28 '17 fra>eng confinés dans le secret intérieur des bonnes résolutions (than those) held within the confines of good resolutions pro closed no
- Feb 9 '17 fra>eng de l'apport contraignant d'un cadre librement consenti to take advantage of a structure they have themselves chosen easy just_closed no
- Dec 22 '16 fra>eng en passant par not to mention easy closed ok
4 Dec 20 '16 fra>eng Téléphone spécial constat Tel n° (reserved) for statements (of facts), Tel for statements pro closed ok
- Oct 19 '16 fra>eng seuls these vehicles alone easy closed no
- Oct 7 '16 fra>eng mis en avance to underline, to highlight, to emphasize easy closed no
- Sep 28 '16 fra>eng qui y sont légion plethora of.... there easy closed ok
- Sep 17 '16 fra>eng on ne peut pas ne pas voir ces boutiques. you can't/cannot not go to these boutiques easy closed ok
4 Aug 30 '16 fra>eng avoir été à la cour was in and out of court between the ages of 9 and 16 pro closed no
- Aug 15 '16 eng>fra go through vous devriez raconter easy closed ok
4 Jul 25 '16 fra>eng se verrait bien, avec la notoriété, mieux logé ! sees himself, now that he is well-known, living in better housing pro closed ok
- Jun 8 '16 fra>eng puisque d’une moindre (as it covers a smaller) surface area easy closed ok
4 Mar 26 '16 fra>eng à charge baised against easy closed ok
- Mar 1 '16 fra>eng tendaient à l'escroquerie came close to daylight robbery pro closed ok
4 Oct 17 '15 fra>eng nous attire instinctivement pour nous tous qui travaillons drawing instinctively those of us who work pro closed ok
- Oct 15 '15 fra>eng employée comme petite main employed to do menial tasks, - as menial labour pro closed ok
- Sep 2 '15 fra>eng aujourd'hui en Leave it out and reformulate easy closed ok
4 Aug 20 '15 fra>eng question en in that... easy closed no
- Jul 7 '15 fra>eng (bureau du) syndic de presse press syndicate committee pro just_closed no
- Jun 29 '15 fra>eng en temps et en heure on time easy closed ok
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