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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jun 23 '09 eng>jpn leave a little of herself in the soapsuds 体の疲れ(汚れ)を石鹸水(or 泡)に残して。。。 pro closed ok
4 Nov 25 '08 eng>jpn cut one's legs off (~~ のためなら)全力を尽くす pro closed no
- Mar 9 '08 eng>eng light was bright on the walls brightly illuminated walls pro closed no
- Oct 23 '07 eng>jpn put one's stamp 強い影響(を与えた) pro closed ok
4 May 10 '06 eng>jpn Free (adjective, unconstrained, without bonds) Jiyuu (自由) pro closed ok
- Nov 15 '05 jpn>eng 天才とは何ぞや、勤勉是也 "Genius probably is only diligence" pro closed no
4 Aug 25 '05 jpn>eng 鬼に金棒 Acquiring financial skills gives (one) an unbeatable advantage pro closed ok
4 Aug 7 '05 eng>jpn The other man frowned, albeit warmly. 相手の男性は顔をしかめたが、かすかに笑みを明かした。 pro closed ok
4 Jul 26 '05 eng>eng have people's lives woven into them (Within/)In the patterns of this carpet are woven the tales of people's lives, one day at a time. pro closed ok
4 Jul 25 '05 eng>eng a pair under the pole a pair (of horses) under the pole pro closed ok
4 Jun 28 '05 eng>eng it was many days yet before the full moon pitch-dark => pitch-black; rustling => trickling pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '05 eng>eng cook you as cutlets Speak right away, or I'll... pro closed no
4 Jun 5 '05 eng>eng prickle prick with burrs pro closed ok
4 Jan 21 '05 eng>jpn the uninhibited satisfaction 自由奔放な気持の良さ pro closed ok
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