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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Oct 19 '09 jpn>eng しまじろうしまじろうって言ってた (just) used to chatter about Shimajiro. easy closed no
- May 20 '09 jpn>eng Watasi no ijiban suki nahito ga indonesia ni kitemasu yo. the person I have a crush on is in Indonesia now. easy closed no
4 Mar 21 '09 jpn>eng 中川 賀清 Yoshikiyo Nakagawa easy closed ok
4 Mar 19 '09 jpn>eng 黒雲 or black cloud in english kokuun easy closed ok
- Jun 4 '08 jpn>eng オケで恥ずかしくない程度にはね。 As long as I'm good enough not to cause embarrassment to (the rest of) the orchestra. easy closed no
4 Jun 4 '08 jpn>eng その服なんとかしないと。。。 You'd better do something about those clothes... easy closed no
- Apr 24 '08 eng>jpn Jane Doe 某氏 easy closed ok
4 Mar 6 '08 jpn>eng 宛名カード address label easy closed ok
4 Sep 30 '06 jpn>eng 想定 tentative easy closed ok
4 Nov 26 '05 jpn>eng 彼は英語を話したいっていつも言っています. He's always saying that he wants to speak English. easy closed ok
4 Sep 28 '05 eng>eng phrase If it's the music you want to enjoy, ... easy closed ok
4 Sep 25 '05 eng>eng Like what doesn't! Everything causes it to rain in Manchester! easy closed ok
4 Sep 24 '05 eng>jpn star of love 愛の星 (Ai-no hoshi) easy closed ok
- Jul 13 '05 esl>eng tu negrita brown sugar easy closed ok
4 May 29 '05 eng>eng halfway around the world on the other side of the world easy closed ok
4 May 18 '05 jpn>eng 待機晩成型 Great talents mature late. easy closed ok
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