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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 12 '12 eng>por complete the total season concluam o amadurecimento completo pro closed ok
- Mar 26 '09 esl>por vinoteca vinoteca/garrafeira pro closed ok
- May 18 '07 eng>por hard people da força/intensidade do desejo de tentar//do quanto desejam tentar pro closed ok
4 Nov 6 '05 eng>por seem to be still but within changes are taking place parecem imutáveis, mas estão a verificar-se mudanças pro closed no
4 Nov 6 '05 eng>por further period of at least another year período adicional de, pelo menos, um ano pro closed no
- Nov 5 '05 eng>por winemakers have clearly in mind enólogos saibam exactamente pro closed ok
4 Nov 4 '05 eng>por ripe on the nose aroma a frutos maduros pro closed ok
4 Nov 4 '05 eng>por to embrace a labor of love um trabalho de amor pro closed ok
- Oct 3 '05 por>eng pouco doce e pouco alcoólico, muito fino, not very sweet, low alcohol content and elegant pro closed no
3 May 11 '05 esl>eng fase gustativa aftertaste pro closed ok
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