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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 6 eng>deu grant Zuschuss/Beihilfe/finanzielle Unterstützung pro open no
4 Jun 19 deu>ita gespalten aperto pro closed ok
- Mar 13 ita>eng SM sosp. Proprietary medicinal product suspected pro closed ok
4 Aug 20 '19 eng>ita intraoperative reconciliation allineamento intraoperativo pro closed no
- Aug 16 '19 fra>eng dérivation endoscopique (transluminal derivation) coledocoduodenostomy guided by endoscopic ultrasound pro closed no
4 Aug 3 '19 deu>eng Knickstenose kinking stenosis pro closed no
4 Jul 31 '19 esl>eng nefrosis humoral nephrosis/ nephrotic syndrome affecting the humoral immune response pro closed no
- Jul 10 '19 eng>ita specialist registrar Medico in perfezionamento professionale per traumatologia e ortopedia pro closed ok
4 Jul 10 '19 eng>esl BACKGROUND contexto/entorno pro closed ok
4 Jul 6 '19 fra>eng Ceinture p/compression cardio angio compression band/(TR) band compression device for coronary angiography pro closed ok
4 Jul 2 '19 eng>esl IHC journals registros de pruebas de immunohistoquímica pro closed no
4 Jun 30 '19 deu>eng kolbige Auseinandertreibung bulbous and displaced pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 eng>ita TEPP (total extraperitoneal patch plasty) trattamento laparoscopico totalmente extraperitoneale con l’utilizzo di protesi/innesto pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 eng>ita lymph catchment areas stazioni linfonodali pro closed no
- Jun 30 '19 eng>ita oncosurgical oncochirurgico pro closed ok
4 Jun 26 '19 ita>eng tempi maturativi minor is at an age where she is growing and developing pro closed ok
- Jun 25 '19 ita>eng I curva I enzymatic curve pro open no
- Jun 19 '19 deu>eng tunornah/tumorfern close to the tumour/further away from the tumour pro closed no
- Jun 19 '19 deu>eng Grenzlymphknoten farthest regional ileocolic lymph node pro closed no
- Jun 15 '19 eng>esl non joint desunión pro closed no
4 Jun 15 '19 ita>eng Rx VT/VF trattenuta Rx = shock pro closed ok
- Jun 13 '19 deu>eng Servis-Eingriff interventional treatment pro closed ok
4 Jun 12 '19 ita>eng presa visione refetrti EE Having seen the reports/results of the haematochemical tests pro closed ok
4 Jun 12 '19 eng>deu cancer risk expert Krebsexperte pro closed no
- Jun 11 '19 fra>eng poser une voie Difficulty in accessing the (enteral) route pro closed ok
- Jun 11 '19 deu>ita perinasale Rhagaden fessure del naso pro closed no
3 Jun 10 '19 deu>ita Erfolgreicher ADA-Enzymnachweis Evidenza di incremento dell'enzima Adenosina Deaminasi (ADA) (terapia sostitutiva enzimatica) pro closed ok
- Jun 9 '19 ita>eng CAE (Communità Alloggio Estensiva) [...] Rehabilitation Centre pro closed ok
- Jun 8 '19 ita>eng limiti sfumati fuzzy edges pro closed ok
2 Jun 8 '19 ita>eng indicato in richiesta come verso il tumore Analysis requested for relation to tumour pro closed no
3 Jun 6 '19 esl>deu ASU y ASO normale Laboruntersuchung - Spezial-Laboruntersuchung pro closed ok
- Jun 7 '19 deu>eng Vorröntgen X-ray screening pro closed ok
- Jun 6 '19 esl>deu ASU y ASO Antistreptolysin O (ASO) – Titertest pro closed ok
4 Jun 6 '19 ita>eng se non a livello V0 sinistra except at the level of the origin of the left vertebral artery (V0 segment) pro closed no
2 Jun 6 '19 ita>eng sottomassimali insufficienti sotto il profilo motorio repeated contractions against a resistance that are insufficient from the point of view of motor.. pro closed no
- Jun 4 '19 fra>eng angle interveineux sternal glands (sternal angle) pro closed no
4 Jun 4 '19 fra>eng structure commune pour le siège have common characteristics for their site/location pro closed no
- Jun 2 '19 eng>deu biofilm disruption Zerstörung des Biofilms pro closed ok
4 Jun 1 '19 deu>eng Wirkfluktuation motor fluctuations (connected with gaps in medication effectiveness) pro closed ok
- May 30 '19 esl>eng Infiltrado inflamatorio moderado peri e intratumoral por linfocitos moderate peritumoral and intratumoral inflammatory infiltrate consisting of lymphocytes pro closed ok
- May 29 '19 deu>eng lappenpflichtigen requiring skin flap surgery pro closed ok
- May 28 '19 deu>eng Signalgebend increased MRI signal pro just_closed no
4 May 25 '19 esl>eng Tonos netos y rítmicos heart tones are clear and regular/rhythmic pro closed ok
- May 24 '19 ita>eng Cover Test XV Cover Test XV pro just_closed no
- May 24 '19 ita>eng Cover Test XL Cover Test XL pro just_closed no
4 May 24 '19 ita>eng ipofunzione PO OS hypofunction of the Superior Oblique muscle of the left eye pro closed ok
- May 22 '19 ita>eng aspetti istologici di tipo ostruttivo the histology test showed no signs of obstructive pulmonary disease pro closed no
4 May 21 '19 ita>eng sezione comune radiologia interventistica interrato General Interventional Radiology Dept - Level 0 pro closed ok
- May 21 '19 deu>eng Gewebeplus tumour pro closed no
- May 20 '19 eng>ita patients later in their disease course più avanti nel corso dello sviluppo della malattia. pro closed no
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