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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Apr 24 por>eng feito like/similar to/-like pro closed ok
- Apr 11 por>eng ocorre de estarmos we happen to be easy closed no
- Apr 2 por>eng pessoa (slang) dude/bloke/chap/man/missuz easy closed no
4 Feb 19 por>eng se faz presente are present pro closed ok
- Feb 16 por>eng momento em que a nossa imaginação se pousa sobre as coisas moment in which our imagination reposes on things easy closed ok
- Jan 17 por>eng forro lining pro closed ok
- Jul 5 '19 por>eng botando em todos os buracos filling all holes pro closed no
- Jul 5 '19 por>eng se pega com resorts to all saints/prays to all saints easy closed no
4 Jun 30 '19 por>eng Que Folga!! What a nerve! pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 por>eng Ele Não Tem Simancol he doesn't take a hint pro closed ok
4 Aug 6 '18 por>eng Ter serviço we have work to do easy closed ok
- Jun 9 '18 por>eng caseiro domestic pro closed ok
- Jun 7 '18 por>eng dera-lhe para acontecer isso she was prone to doing that easy closed no
- Jan 14 '18 por>eng Corintiano roxo diehard rooter for Corinthians pro closed ok
4 Dec 4 '17 eng>por come clean with each other botar/colocar/pôr tudo em pratos limpos pro closed ok
- May 16 '17 por>eng me vinha de algum lugar um pouco do conteúdo The contents of that book came back to me/what that book said came back to me pro closed ok
- Dec 4 '15 por>eng Um "quê" a mais je ne sais quoi/had something more to it pro closed ok
- Feb 26 '15 por>eng seu misto de boca com vazio dos olhos para baixo that mix between a mouth and a downturned hollow eye socket pro just_closed no
4 Sep 13 '14 por>eng lides do mar work/labo(u)r/toil at/in the sea pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '14 por>eng nos eleva a alma makes our souls soar pro closed no
4 Jun 5 '14 por>eng reconstituição reconstruction pro closed ok
4 Sep 23 '13 por>eng Apontou o dedo, qual visonário, e exclamou: pointed his finger, as a/like a/qua visionary, and exclaimed/interjected pro closed ok
- Aug 9 '13 por>eng Deixa rolar... let it be/leave it at that pro closed no
- Aug 9 '13 por>eng ela não tem moral para pegar no meu pé she's no saint herself to nag/badger/pester me/to be on my case/to give me the third degree pro closed ok
- Apr 22 '13 por>eng que nunca se vira por aquelas plagas that had never been seen/experienced there before pro closed ok
- Feb 19 '13 por>eng ...entrar com uma ação trabalhista, pois era nossa atriz fixa. ... to file a workplace lawsuit, since she was our steady actress. pro closed ok
4 Feb 19 '13 por>eng Encantei-me com o tempo e o tom dela... I was enthralled by her timing and tone. pro closed ok
- Feb 7 '13 por>eng Que mico, que mico, que mico!!! What an ass I made of myself!!! pro closed no
4 Jan 15 '13 por>eng historiográficas historiographic(al) easy closed ok
- Jan 9 '13 por>eng põem em cheque disturb/upset/challenge/contest/call into question pro closed ok
- Aug 30 '12 por>eng sua verve de compositor alçou novos horizontes, resultando em belíssimas canções his verve as a composer (has) reached new heights, giving rise to/culminating in beautiful songs pro closed no
- Jun 8 '12 por>eng ser, estar one's uniqueness and one's position pro closed no
- Mar 16 '12 por>eng acendalha kindling pro just_closed no
- Dec 12 '10 por>eng "vê lá mas é se ganhas juízo" you really should/ought to get some sense into your mind/you ought to be sensible/reasonable pro closed ok
- Dec 12 '10 por>eng que não tinha mão nele. who didn't control him/who didn't have/exert (any) control over him pro closed no
4 Dec 12 '10 por>eng andar à pancada fight/ pick fights with pro closed no
- Dec 12 '10 por>eng A pontapé I'll kick you to death pro closed ok
- Dec 6 '10 por>eng A inteligência dele não dá para mais. This/That is how far his intelligence goes. pro closed no
- Nov 26 '10 por>eng Bem me parecia que a tua vinda ainda nos ia dar muito jeito. I knew that your coming/visit/presence would really help us. pro closed ok
- Nov 20 '10 por>eng "até me passei" I excelled myself pro closed no
4 Nov 20 '10 por>eng rosto afunilado slender face pro closed ok
- Nov 17 '10 por>eng Homem de barba rija real man easy closed ok
4 Oct 13 '10 por>eng "já deu o que tinha a dar" is over, is tired, should be dropped, can't go on, can't be used anymore, has taken its last breath easy closed ok
- Oct 8 '10 por>eng "Sabe bem, é o que interessa" He knows it well, and that's what counts. easy closed ok
- Oct 8 '10 por>eng "Perdeste o juízo de vez, chefe?" Have you lost your mind, boss? easy closed no
- Sep 1 '10 por>eng "estás feito comigo" your ass is mine/I will kick your ass easy closed no
4 Aug 6 '10 por>eng Ora aí está! Look who's talking! easy closed ok
4 Jul 29 '10 por>eng E diga-se de passagem que as ditas não se faziam rogadas. And it must be said that they didn't play hard to get. easy closed ok
- Jul 22 '10 por>eng longe vão os dias naturais Afar/Far/Distant are my free days/days in freedom pro closed no
- Jul 20 '10 por>eng Mas às vezes a vida prega-lhe cá umas partidas! But sometimes life trips him up/But sometimes life is not very nice/fair to him. easy closed ok
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