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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 4 eng>eng older persuasion of the old guard/ the guys who formed part of and were convinced of this way of life easy closed ok
- Jun 30 fra>eng mais une exigence ou un combat. but rather to put on a show or competition pro closed no
4 Jun 26 eng>esl to be on the tighter side estar flaquito pro closed no
- Jun 19 esl>eng no se saturen are not swamped pro closed ok
4 Jun 19 eng>fra be still cesser de bouger easy closed ok
- Jun 14 esl>eng dejarlo todo atado y bien atado having/leaving everything done and dusted (well sorted out) pro closed ok
- Jun 14 eng>fra get in Christ que vous vous convertissiez au christianisme easy closed ok
- Jun 13 eng>eng hang out tip good place to go and spend time pro closed no
- Jun 14 eng>fra Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Jun 14 eng>fra Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Jun 12 eng>esl sharp inteligente/astuta easy closed ok
- Jun 5 eng>eng holding the end holding the outer extremity/outer edge pro just_closed no
4 Jun 6 eng>eng good it did you that didn't serve you well did it? easy closed ok
- May 29 eng>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- May 29 eng>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
4 May 24 eng>esl drag his feet habrá tardado tanto easy closed ok
- May 24 eng>esl Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- May 21 eng>eng for crying out loud can you believe it? easy closed ok
4 May 14 eng>esl sidecar carro lateral/al costado easy closed ok
- May 14 eng>eng potatoes the worst easy closed ok
- May 8 eng>eng Even out it'll all be ok at the end of the day easy closed ok
- Apr 21 eng>eng To keep a stiff upper lip hang in pro just_closed no
- Apr 12 por>eng síndrome das pequenas autoridades armchair dictator syndrome pro closed ok
- Jan 22 ita>eng diedero vita a un periodo d'oro per il commercio delle pelli sparked off/ignited a golden age in the fur trade easy closed ok
- Jan 20 ita>eng giocando sulla circostanza on the assumption/assuming that pro closed no
4 Dec 14 '19 ita>eng rileviamo l’importanza strategica we stress the strategic importance/relevance pro closed ok
- Dec 5 '19 esl>eng Interacción con medios del sector. interaction with people/agencies working in this area/sector pro closed no
- Nov 28 '19 eng>eng Clear out some room in your closet with a stash of chocolate get rid of some of what's in your closet and fill the space with your hidden chocolate pro closed no
- Nov 29 '19 eng>esl Motivations incentivos pro closed no
4 Nov 21 '19 esl>eng lo que toca it's now up to the government pro closed ok
- Nov 18 '19 esl>eng a pesar de la violencia que palpitaba como un ente a su alrededor despite (all) the violence throbbing all around him like a thing/being unto itself pro closed no
- Nov 9 '19 por>eng Meu compadre fulano My dear old friend/buddy pro closed ok
4 Nov 4 '19 esl>eng en su mirada siguió ardiendo una chispa de preocupación but there was still a hint of worry in his/her eye(s) pro closed no
- Oct 31 '19 eng>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro closed ok
4 Sep 22 '19 eng>eng all by himself with no backers easy closed ok
- Aug 30 '19 eng>eng by using by implementing easy closed no
- Aug 27 '19 eng>eng shoot around drive at an incredible speed (very fast) easy closed ok
- Aug 27 '19 eng>eng Answer hidden by answerer easy closed ok
- Aug 10 '19 eng>fra Entangling alliances alliances enchevêtrantes pro closed no
- Jul 3 '19 eng>esl Work cold trabajar como principiante pro just_closed no
4 May 24 '19 fra>eng Avis de la Commission Commission's Opinion easy closed no
- May 18 '19 deu>eng sich ankündigen is coming easy closed no
4 May 17 '19 deu>eng sagen einem zwar immer alle as they all tell you easy closed ok
- May 16 '19 eng>eng executive corporate pro closed ok
4 May 11 '19 eng>eng gauntlet arduous procedure pro closed ok
- May 9 '19 eng>esl 1:1 interview entrevista cara a cara pro closed ok
- Apr 25 '19 deu>eng hinbekommen manage to integrate pro closed no
- Apr 25 '19 esl>fra ser de órdago all-out attacks pro closed ok
4 Apr 23 '19 eng>esl (.....had participants introduce) THEMSELVES presentarse easy closed ok
- Apr 5 '19 esl>eng llegar a todo carry it all off pro closed no
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