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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 9 fra>eng la finalité impliquant une telle communication [shall receive] only the data within the scope of such required disclosure pro closed ok
4 Sep 3 eng>ron Close Encounters Întâlniri intime cu durerea/Confruntări directe, etc. pro closed ok
4 Jul 24 eng>ron mothballing or closing of activities A suspenda sau a încheia activitatea pro closed ok
- Jul 8 heb>eng תקין/לא תקין OK/NOK pro closed ok
- Jun 2 eng>heb I want to go away from here Jesus!! !ריבונו של עולם אני רוצה להסתלק מכאן pro just_closed no
- May 12 fra>eng Dans la mesure où provided that pro closed no
4 Apr 22 heb>eng עיתוד Provisioning pro closed ok
- Feb 17 fra>eng considère relates to, deem, consider//accept, agree pro just_closed no
4 Feb 7 eng>heb further your affiant sayeth naught אין למצהיר שום דבר להוסיף pro closed ok
4 Dec 18 '19 heb>eng בית אחות has an older, healthy sister at home pro closed no
- Nov 25 '19 fra>eng Mulot half-brick / queen closer / half-header/ soap pro closed no
- Nov 2 '19 fra>eng Dérangement asservissement sol machine Failure of the ground/machine automatic control system pro closed no
- Oct 30 '19 eng>ron Science of Clerk Facultatea de Administrație Publică pro just_closed no
4 Oct 23 '19 eng>ron freight tendering licitații pt. serviciile de transporturi pro closed no
4 Oct 23 '19 eng>ron freight procurement achiziția serviciilor de transport de mărfuri pro closed no
- Oct 21 '19 eng>ron pooling system/services sistem de colectare pro open no
4 Oct 19 '19 eng>ron a further drawdown tragere suplimentara pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '19 fra>eng ...en affectant cette somme du rapport qui existe entre... Missing phrase: according to the ratio between the excess and deficient amounts pro closed no
- Sep 30 '19 heb>eng אי התאמות בהתנהלות types of misconduct/ non-conforming conduct pro open no
- Sep 29 '19 fra>eng Affranchissez vos clients des préoccupations de l’entretien Release your customer from the drudgery of maintenance planning easy closed ok
4 Sep 10 '19 ron>eng (paramentul) amonte frânt fractured cladding upstream (of dam) pro closed no
4 Sep 8 '19 heb>eng שווים של רכוש ו/או זכויות לא יאוזן ביניהם No offset between equivalent assets, rights, liabilities... of the parties pro closed ok
- Sep 2 '19 fra>eng il y a souvent plusieurs vies dans une vie One life may often hold several lives easy closed ok
- Sep 1 '19 heb>eng עוסק או עוסקים dealer pro just_closed no
4 Aug 28 '19 eng>ron purpose code codul scopului pro closed no
- Aug 20 '19 fra>eng garantir de hold harmless pro open no
- Aug 17 '19 eng>ron habiline(s) habilienii pro just_closed no
4 Aug 9 '19 eng>heb Momentum תנופה pro closed ok
4 Aug 9 '19 eng>heb Future-Proof חסין זמן pro closed ok
- Aug 6 '19 heb>eng פיצויים ותיקה compensation/indemnity- old pension fund pro open no
- Jul 30 '19 fra>eng la partie qui y avait intérêt the party that had an interested in this pro closed no
4 Jul 30 '19 ron>eng cotele compartimentărilor dimensional data of the partitioning layouts pro closed no
4 Jul 26 '19 ron>eng până la limita contractuală de 10% up to the contractual limit of 10% pro closed ok
4 Jul 25 '19 ron>eng în cercetarea acțiunii arbitrale in the inquiry under the arbitration proceeding pro closed no
4 Jul 25 '19 ron>eng de care este ținut which it is required to make/give... pro closed ok
- Jul 17 '19 fra>eng le nu d'une façade uncoated/unpainted façade surface pro open no
- Jun 6 '19 fra>eng remblais techniques et massifs fill (around public utility piping) pro open no
- Jun 6 '19 eng>ron ..the light flashes, them the light will be on lumina intermitentă și continuă. pro closed ok
4 Jun 5 '19 eng>ron Cartridge Knob butonul dispozitivului de blocare a cartușului pro closed no
- Jun 4 '19 fra>eng entrepreneur procédé/ contrat procédé method-based contract pro just_closed no
4 Jun 3 '19 fra>eng résine précurseur de matrice matrix precursor resin pro closed no
- May 29 '19 heb>eng עורך המכרז Tender issuer pro closed no
4 May 12 '19 ron>eng trusa micului sinucigaș run-of-the-mill suicide's kit pro closed no
- May 1 '19 eng>ron forward air controller control aerian avansat pro open no
4 Apr 30 '19 ron>eng Muzeul Salvatorului Miner/Minier Mining Rescuer's Museum pro closed no
4 Apr 30 '19 ron>eng ,,pontoșii” epocii jokester/quipster/funny man/wisecracker etc. pro closed ok
4 Apr 28 '19 heb>eng בין מוגדר ובין בלתי-מוגדר whether specified or not pro closed no
4 Apr 29 '19 fra>eng système général de gestion des écarts Deviation Management System pro closed ok
- Apr 18 '19 fra>eng prend le portage du projet manages the project as an umbrella company pro closed ok
4 Mar 26 '19 heb>eng מדור שירותים bathroom area pro closed no
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