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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 18 esl>eng mugroso grubby easy closed ok
- Apr 14 esl>eng Cucos Unmentionables easy open no
- Mar 28 esl>eng de parado being unemployed pro closed no
4 Mar 15 esl>eng pisotear trample on easy closed ok
- Mar 11 esl>eng llenisimos chock-a-block easy closed ok
- Mar 11 esl>eng mas o menos more or less easy closed ok
4 Jan 12 esl>eng Tirar pescao set (s/o) up, bait a trap pro closed no
- Dec 13 '19 esl>eng tenemos que echarle liquído madre para matar los demonios We had to salve him with base liquid to kill the demons pro just_closed no
4 Dec 12 '19 esl>eng encajó la mandíbula con testarudez stubbornly set his jaw pro closed ok
- Dec 10 '19 esl>eng ir a las yardas going round the yards pro just_closed no
4 Nov 26 '19 esl>eng asado fraterno (en Uruguay) friendship barbecue easy closed no
4 Nov 18 '19 esl>eng a pesar de la violencia que palpitaba como un ente a su alrededor Despite the violence pulsating around him (as though) with a life of its own pro closed no
4 Oct 25 '19 esl>eng susurrárselo en la mente whisper into her mind pro closed no
4 Sep 13 '19 esl>eng en recaudación de fondos funds raised pro closed ok
- Apr 5 '19 esl>eng llegar a todo cope (with it all) pro closed no
- Feb 8 '19 esl>eng Todes and sundry pro closed no
- Jan 16 '19 esl>eng pajuelas straws pro just_closed no
4 Dec 14 '18 esl>eng Yo voy a hacer un trabajo .... I'm going to do something… easy closed no
4 Dec 10 '18 esl>eng hasta que salgas de todo esto. until you/we/they get all this sorted out easy closed no
- Dec 9 '18 esl>eng Di una parte peligrosa... I reported a life-threatening injury/assault pro closed ok
4 Dec 7 '18 esl>eng por una parte más peligrosa del cuerpo in a more dangerous/vulnerable part of the body pro closed no
4 Dec 7 '18 esl>eng que si tu no entras el brazo así. .. that If you hadn't put your arm like that.... pro closed no
4 Dec 3 '18 esl>eng Ven para ponerte las cosas, Come (here) (so I can put your) clothes on pro closed no
4 Nov 30 '18 esl>eng por allá abajo. down there easy closed no
- Oct 12 '18 esl>eng que para que that for easy closed ok
4 Oct 8 '18 esl>eng su colocación installation pro closed ok
- Sep 11 '18 esl>eng intriga gimmick pro closed no
4 Apr 4 '18 esl>eng convocará (in this context) will stay with them (until adulthood) pro closed ok
- Jan 28 '18 esl>eng potro free spirit pro closed no
- Dec 16 '17 esl>eng Cuanto más sabes, menos te queda… The more you learn, the less you remember pro closed no
4 Dec 4 '17 esl>eng Mírala, mírala, mírala, mírala behold... pro closed no
- Nov 10 '17 esl>eng riezo stout (heart) pro closed no
4 Nov 6 '17 esl>eng entrega (PPE) handover pro closed no
- Jul 30 '17 esl>eng bastaba estar en Simply being there was enough to.... pro closed ok
- Jun 22 '17 esl>eng permanencia accommodation pro just_closed no
- Jun 2 '17 esl>eng embrujo (in this context) something of the night pro closed ok
4 Jun 1 '17 esl>eng vehículo de garantías instrument of guarantee pro closed ok
- Apr 17 '17 esl>eng No se le quita ni con gasolina (he's a) dyed-in-the wool (loquesea) pro closed no
- Apr 7 '17 esl>eng hacer comisaria get stuff from the canteen pro closed no
- Jan 27 '17 esl>eng complementar la enseñanza en el sistema educativo (to) complement (the) teaching in the education system pro closed ok
4 Jan 26 '17 esl>eng se reportó lo que realmente se encontró recorded what was actually found pro closed ok
4 Dec 28 '16 esl>eng compota pal pro closed ok
- Dec 9 '16 esl>eng epojé tandem pro just_closed no
- Dec 7 '16 esl>eng Gradue la maquinilla a la impresión más fuerte set the machine to the highest print setting pro closed ok
4 Dec 2 '16 esl>eng se optimizo el uso de los espacios físicos use of physical spaces was optimized pro closed ok
- Nov 22 '16 esl>eng hablar estrujado snap pro closed ok
- Oct 30 '16 esl>eng se realizaron más de catorce movimientos consecutivos de folio more than 14 (folio) transactions were carried out pro closed no
- Oct 30 '16 esl>eng ... era verde y se la comió un chivo. (hope)... was fleeting pro closed ok
- Oct 25 '16 esl>eng en un ambiente in surroundings pro closed ok
- Oct 25 '16 esl>eng transpiraba miedo hasta por el pelo sweated fear from every pore/ reeked of fear on all sides pro closed ok
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