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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Mar 28 eng>eng establish discover easy open no
4 Oct 11 '19 eng>eng no layers he is open and uncomplicated easy closed ok
4 Sep 12 '19 eng>eng Book time in schedule pro closed no
- Sep 4 '19 eng>eng Rank foul-smelling pro closed no
4 Aug 28 '19 eng>eng P.R. (Provincial Road) or the P.R. east of the SP easy closed ok
- Aug 5 '19 por>eng Pessoas bonitas só se vestem de si mesmas. Really beautiful people wear their inner beauty. pro closed ok
4 May 28 '19 eng>eng Scholastic agency see explanation easy closed no
4 May 10 '19 eng>eng "keep me in diesel" enabled me to make ends meet easy closed ok
4 May 10 '19 eng>eng "made a bit of a pills of" "made a bit of a balls-up" easy closed ok
- May 7 '19 eng>eng showing up mindfulness pro closed no
4 Apr 29 '19 eng>eng aseepin Sleeping easy closed ok
4 Oct 31 '12 por>eng letra esfíngica enigmatic script pro closed no
- Oct 27 '12 eng>eng It is but in the wearing all you have to do is wear it pro closed ok
- Oct 24 '12 por>eng com a mesma bonomia, os secundavam that trailed them with the same good humour pro closed no
- Oct 21 '12 por>eng à sorrelfa slyly pro closed ok
- Sep 27 '12 por>eng instalar arise pro closed no
- Aug 21 '12 por>eng Todo enxadrista é cartesiano e portanto mais racional que sentimental. I thought that all chess players are Cartesian and therefore more rational than sentimental pro closed ok
4 Jul 16 '12 por>eng direcionamento correto correct orientation easy closed ok
4 Jul 15 '12 por>eng advertindo which indicates easy closed no
4 Jun 27 '12 por>eng que parte do (root growth,) which descends from (the stalk) easy closed ok
- Jun 8 '12 por>eng parece que não prevaleceu na diminuição appears not to have had a predominant influence in the reduction pro closed no
4 May 22 '12 por>eng frente às in comparison to easy closed ok
- Apr 24 '12 por>eng visto que a partir do for, as from (...) easy closed no
- Mar 26 '12 por>eng um todo dentro a self-contained totality within pro closed no
4 Feb 29 '12 por>eng a que se alienavam from which they had become alienated pro closed ok
NP Jan 1 '12 por>eng vo mimi nao aguento mais por hoje e so perdi a pratica de virar noite no pc ate Granma Mimi easy closed no
- Dec 13 '11 por>eng morrem, literalmente, na praia literally die "on the beach" pro just_closed no
4 Dec 6 '11 por>eng tem sido estabelecido has been based on easy closed no
4 Nov 23 '11 por>eng Nesses casos In the latter two cases pro closed no
4 Nov 17 '11 por>eng permitindo, portanto, sustentar a hipótese de que which accordingly supports the hypothesis that pro closed no
- Nov 17 '11 por>eng "apresenta" has a homology with ... (in excess of) pro closed no
- Sep 12 '11 por>eng Faz quem pode You do what you can. pro closed ok
- Sep 12 '11 eng>por Courier - Signed For (PT_PT) entrega por estafeta contra recibo pro closed ok
- Aug 9 '11 por>eng tangenciar a temática dealt with this topic pro closed no
4 Aug 8 '11 por>eng contornada overcome easy closed no
4 Aug 3 '11 por>eng do andar of gait pro closed ok
- Jul 29 '11 por>eng terminações end groups easy closed no
4 Jul 28 '11 por>eng ideal ideal level easy closed no
- Jul 8 '11 por>eng o meu bem aja my thanks pro closed ok
- Jul 6 '11 por>eng mantendo a incógnita which are accordingly still unknown easy closed no
- Jul 6 '11 por>eng para sustentar de forma objetiva to prove objectively easy closed no
4 Jun 15 '11 por>eng não acompanha does not grow with easy closed no
- Jun 14 '11 por>eng certo ambiente de gozo a certain atmosphere of ridicule pro closed ok
- Jun 14 '11 por>eng referiu que estava a fazer tempo para ir trabalhar said he was waiting there until it was time to go to work pro closed ok
- Jun 14 '11 por>eng falava de forma anasalada in a nasal tone of voice pro closed ok
4 Jun 13 '11 por>eng a ordem de approximately easy closed no
4 Jun 9 '11 por>eng P'O For the pro closed ok
4 Jun 5 '11 por>eng tem sentido amplo a wide range easy closed no
- May 27 '11 por>eng Estou atualmente cursando o terceiro ano da Faculdade de Engenharia. I am currently in the third year of an engineering degree pro closed no
- May 24 '11 por>eng de referência key, leading, main. pro just_closed no
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