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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Mar 3 por>eng O clima era de um quase desespero The mood was close to hopelessness pro closed no
4 Jun 5 '19 esl>eng sin usura without guile pro closed ok
- May 9 '19 por>eng bando de arruaceiros bunch of thugs pro closed no
4 Feb 13 '19 por>eng Choro querer... I cry wanting to... pro closed no
4 Jan 24 '19 por>eng sinto que sonho o que me sinto sendo (... from the the dark gloomy interior) where I feel I"m dreaming what I feel myself being. pro closed ok
- Jan 11 '19 por>eng resiste em ti ainda o mal de sofrer and still there persists in you the evil that is suffering pro closed ok
4 Jan 10 '19 por>eng Penso e existo só eu. When I look, things exist (are called into existence). When I think, only I exist. pro closed ok
4 Dec 20 '18 por>eng está it's a notion, not a thing pro closed ok
- Nov 27 '18 por>eng amor sem brilho love without passion pro just_closed no
- Jul 4 '18 esl>eng los tíos eran un poco filósofos these chaps were quite the philosophers/a little philosophical pro closed ok
- Jul 29 '17 fra>eng Nom d’une mouche en jupette Big girl's blouse! pro closed no
- Jun 25 '17 esl>eng una risa de burbujas sparkling laughter pro closed no
3 May 17 '17 esl>eng Vislumbro a los muchachos quebrados en las muñecas I catch a glimpse of the boys with broken wrists pro closed ok
- Jan 21 '17 esl>eng contorneándose circling me like a purring cat pro closed no
- Nov 26 '16 fra>eng "Ta seule limite est celle que tu t'imposes." The sky's the limit pro closed no
- Nov 23 '16 fra>eng Le ventre est encore fécond, d'où a surgi la bête immonde The womb whence the foul beast emerged is still fecond. pro closed no
- Oct 12 '16 por>eng Palavrantes Wordsmiths pro closed ok
- Sep 22 '16 por>eng olhar sofrido pained expression pro closed ok
- Sep 12 '16 por>eng recesso acadêmico are closed/close for Carnival pro closed ok
4 Sep 28 '15 fra>eng on le fleure et on l’effleure a sweet scent, a light touch pro closed ok
- May 12 '15 por>eng rascar scratching noise pro closed no
- May 13 '15 por>eng Pé do brasido hearth pro closed ok
- Jan 31 '15 esl>eng “la diosa de los garzos” the grey-eyed goddess - grey-eyed Athena pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 '14 esl>eng una ortopédica zanahoria con chile She pampered his rickety old bones with chili. pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '14 por>eng nos eleva a alma (flavours etc) that make our spirits soar pro closed no
- Apr 20 '14 esl>eng no es venganza sino desquitanza it's not revenge, it's retribution pro closed ok
- Apr 6 '14 esl>eng maniquí de pueblo clownish tailor's dummy pro closed no
4 Mar 18 '14 esl>eng Sus piernas se contonean Swaying her hips/strutting her stuff pro closed ok
- Aug 15 '13 por>eng Várias bolsinhas menores (nécessaires). Several smaller make-up bags for essentials. pro closed no
- Aug 15 '13 por>eng Apenas por companhia e aproveitam o caminho para desfilar. Just for the company and to strut her stuff pro closed no
- Aug 9 '13 por>eng ela não tem moral para pegar no meu pé she wouldn't have the nerve to pick on me... pro closed ok
- Nov 25 '12 fra>eng théâtre de salon Drawing-room play (as referred to but not entered by Emma) pro closed no
- Oct 8 '12 esl>eng la viuda de carnes secas y húmedos misterios (like a) dried-up old widow full of dank mysteries pro closed ok
- Sep 25 '12 fra>eng Caresser des chimères Nurturing/harbouring dangerous fantasies can unleash disaster pro closed ok
- Jul 15 '12 esl>eng Amantes (in this context) acolytes or disciples pro closed ok
- Jul 4 '12 esl>eng rastreramente persecuting illiteracy is to crudely persecute thought pro closed ok
3 Jun 23 '12 esl>eng encendía una llaga perpetua de inmortalidad was opening up a wound that would last for all eternity/a perpetual flame of everlastingness pro closed ok
- Jun 4 '12 esl>eng transgredía la nocturna intimidad de la hora violated the nighttime intimacy pro just_closed no
- May 28 '12 esl>eng sábana santa que acobija Turin Shroud/holy veil covering the virgin ground/earth/land.. pro closed ok
- May 26 '12 esl>eng hora de retirarse a la desnuda noche time to retreat into the starkness of night pro just_closed no
- Feb 11 '12 esl>eng Mi arte es así y así va a morir This is my art and this is how it will always be pro closed ok
- Jan 18 '12 esl>eng monito (monito Guzmán) he's only hired me and my monkey pro closed ok
- Jan 17 '12 fra>eng les bistouquets dans l'étable If it snows in winter I'll put the cows in the cowshed pro closed no
4 Jan 17 '12 fra>eng J' m'en vas cercler l'calanchet pour pas qu'il vente dans les labour See below. pro closed no
- Jan 17 '12 fra>eng la grivette cendrée Ashy Thrush pro closed no
4 Jan 6 '12 esl>eng itinerarios históricos de defensa de la vida traditional views on the sanctity of life pro closed ok
4 Dec 14 '11 esl>eng novela de caballería Chivalric romance(s) pro closed ok
- Oct 4 '11 esl>eng cielo duro threatening/looming sky pro closed no
- Aug 13 '11 esl>eng bie, de lo mas bien everything was fine, just fine pro closed ok
- Jul 13 '11 esl>eng Amistad a lo largo Lifelong Friends (or Friendship) pro closed ok
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