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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Apr 18 esl>eng mugroso filthy easy closed ok
- Apr 2 esl>eng POMELO (EN EE. UU.) ugli easy closed ok
- Mar 15 esl>eng acaso What if those xx were xx? easy closed ok
- Mar 14 esl>eng culpabilizar un monton Do you really feel shame? easy closed ok
4 Mar 13 esl>eng payasada travesty easy closed ok
4 Mar 12 esl>eng martirio go through agony easy closed ok
- Mar 12 esl>eng hagamos we are trying to make easy closed ok
4 Mar 4 esl>eng Estimado Licenciado Dear Mr. Smith easy closed no
- Feb 19 esl>eng su hacer que la última pregunta termine siempre siendo la penúltima his way of always making the last question turn into yet another one pro closed no
4 Jan 5 esl>eng ahora eran dos trozos de hielo azul incandescente they were now an icy incandescent blue pro closed ok
- Dec 13 '19 esl>eng tenemos que echarle liquído madre para matar los demonios sprinkle him with holy water to kill the demons pro just_closed no
4 Nov 27 '19 esl>eng no es cuento Tuberculosis is serious, but rest assured, it can be cured pro closed ok
- Nov 18 '19 esl>eng a pesar de la violencia que palpitaba como un ente a su alrededor despite the drumbeat of violence rising to a crescendo on all sides pro closed no
4 Nov 16 '19 esl>eng dependientes that fall under easy closed no
4 Nov 16 '19 esl>eng otorga allocates easy closed no
4 Oct 23 '19 por>eng colo [shows] affection pro closed ok
4 Oct 4 '19 esl>eng enviándola una oleada de calor mental sending her a wave of emotional heat pro closed no
- Sep 27 '19 esl>eng cómo se las gasta con el cinturón [you know] what his belt feels like [when he gets angry] pro closed ok
4 Apr 7 '19 esl>eng planes de desarrollo macro macro development plans easy closed ok
4 Mar 31 '19 esl>eng e ir haciendo gradually make pro closed ok
- Jan 19 '19 por>eng Do mal, o menos! the least worst pro closed ok
4 Dec 23 '18 por>eng balbuciantes teorias da liberdade inchoate theories of liberty//theories of liberty still in their infancy pro closed no
- Dec 11 '18 esl>eng ¿se puede? Will that work? easy closed no
4 Dec 10 '18 esl>eng Yo no se lo que fue hablado. I don't know what was said. easy closed no
4 Dec 9 '18 esl>eng te llevas todo el papeleo. bring all the papers easy closed no
4 Dec 8 '18 esl>eng Ese papeleo.. [bring/go get] those papers pro closed no
- Dec 8 '18 esl>eng te hubiera podido clavar el cuchillo I could have driven the knife in much deeper pro closed no
4 Dec 8 '18 esl>eng nos vamos a poner activos let's get going here/we're going to get going here easy closed no
4 Dec 4 '18 esl>eng un apartamento de soltero, bachelor('s) pad / bachelor apartment easy closed no
4 Dec 3 '18 esl>eng dejame cogerlo! let me take him pro closed no
4 Dec 3 '18 esl>eng que te preñara who would get you pregnant easy closed no
4 Dec 2 '18 esl>eng Por la cincuenta.. Near Fiftieth pro closed no
4 Dec 1 '18 esl>eng nada mas estar llenando income tax. nothing more than filling out income tax returns pro closed no
- Nov 4 '18 por>eng alvoroços de contentamento moments of joy pro closed ok
- Oct 28 '18 esl>eng se desprenden de cuanto tienen give everything they have pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 '18 esl>eng resultado de escuchar... por [was possible because ....] constantly listened to pro closed ok
4 Oct 12 '18 esl>eng que para que that, in order for [partnerships ...], easy closed ok
4 Sep 30 '18 esl>eng no hacer una réplica not to use/replicate this model again in the next phase pro closed ok
4 Sep 30 '18 esl>eng Ojo billar Keep your eye peeled! pro closed ok
- Jul 20 '18 por>eng O seu + first name Omit pro closed ok
4 Mar 20 '18 esl>eng Abrir el grifo para que salga más agua... turn up the faucet to get more water easy closed ok
- Jan 8 '18 esl>eng se facilita which will facilitate pro closed ok
- Nov 13 '17 esl>eng acentuado interés por el carácter más abierto de la danza keen interest in the more open nature of dance easy closed ok
- Nov 13 '17 esl>eng desarrollando su discurso de corte y resultado ecléctic developing his/her own personal approach/style with its eclectic manifestation easy closed no
4 Nov 3 '17 esl>eng compromete cilindros 1 y 2 en una extensión cores 1 and 2 (out of 12) affected/compromised over an area extending pro closed no
4 Oct 8 '17 esl>eng se da constancia de sus capacidades en esta disciplina I hereby attest to her skills in this sport pro closed no
- May 20 '17 esl>eng no me queda más que all I can say is that [I'm grateful ...] pro closed ok
- May 6 '17 esl>eng Madrina de anillos (boda) ring bearer (bridesmaid in this case) pro closed no
4 May 6 '17 esl>eng generar apropiación build/increase local community engagement [and capacity] pro closed ok
4 Mar 13 '17 esl>eng La idea no se quedó ahí The thought didn't end there. easy closed no
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