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4 Mar 28 '19 eng>eng and already had migrated texting across all its devices via its Message Service. Appla made very similar service to use on iphones by using a special service namde iMessages pro closed no
- Mar 20 '19 eng>eng Drop-in ready Designed for easy insertion pro closed no
2 Mar 26 '19 eng>rus disclosure certification process A basic disclosure certificate is a document containing impartial and confidential criminal history pro closed no
- May 24 '18 tur>eng devreye almak roll out pro closed no
- Oct 29 '17 eng>eng payload-hauling car Heavy carrier part of a transporter pro just_closed no
- Aug 22 '07 eng>eng "Order confirmation" and "Order affirmative" Order confirmation pro closed no
4 Aug 17 '07 eng>eng mean machine unbeaten pro closed no
- Aug 6 '07 tur>eng abdest ritual ablution easy closed ok
- Aug 5 '07 tur>eng taht edinmek coming to the crown easy closed ok
- Jul 27 '07 tur>eng kapı şifre terminali Door access keyboard pro closed ok
- May 16 '07 eng>eng GWD Gaseous Waste Disposal pro closed ok
- May 11 '07 eng>eng crank down to cause to diminish or terminate: pro closed ok
- May 9 '07 eng>eng payout schedules investment statistics pro closed no
- May 8 '07 tur>eng beylerbeyi Commander of Commanders pro closed ok
4 May 6 '07 eng>eng wallet-capable wallet application feature for mobile online payments. pro closed ok
- May 4 '07 eng>eng www doub.. easy closed ok
- May 4 '07 eng>eng Toggle either one or other pro closed no
- May 3 '07 eng>tur millimetre engine volume value pro closed ok
- May 1 '07 tur>eng tombul tüp (bottled gas) cylinder pro just_closed no
- May 1 '07 eng>eng Is it wrong to say you "made an achievement"? achievements were won pro closed no
- Apr 30 '07 eng>tur rising stern valve (Denizaltı nın) kuyruk çıkış sübabı pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '07 eng>eng cross checking double checking easy closed no
4 Apr 27 '07 eng>eng gearing/leverage trading derivative gearing/leverage derivative trading right pro closed ok
- Apr 25 '07 eng>eng may be used independently from each other company may be used independently from a group inside pro just_closed no
- Apr 24 '07 tur>eng tek celsede (divorce) in the first place pro just_closed no
- Apr 23 '07 eng>eng import inheritance? pro closed ok
- Apr 23 '07 eng>tur the liability of newness argument yeni olmanin riski pro just_closed ok
- Apr 24 '07 eng>eng No donut for you No space in memory of (server?) pro closed ok
- Apr 23 '07 eng>eng initiating variable first/beginning variable pro closed no
- Apr 23 '07 tur>eng mecra kuruluşu sadece bilgi icin pro closed ok
- Apr 21 '07 eng>tur Charge agent (encapsulated) (korunmus muhafazalı)charge ajan pro closed ok
- Apr 18 '07 eng>tur market-oriented pazar(a)-amaçlı/uyumlu pro closed no
4 Apr 19 '07 eng>eng Pinch-off pulse cut-off pro closed ok
4 Apr 19 '07 eng>eng fuze fuze is a brand pro closed no
- Apr 18 '07 eng>eng programs most easily install programs most compatible with pro closed no
- Apr 17 '07 eng>eng attach (in the context) select pro closed ok
- Apr 17 '07 eng>eng a minimum screen size of best viewed at a minimum screen resolution of pro closed no
- Apr 17 '07 eng>eng do not forget to indicate the model of your phone please refer your phone's model pro closed no
- Apr 16 '07 tur>eng dost canlısı HAIL-FELLOW pro closed ok
- Apr 13 '07 eng>eng The program does not support SMS service. the application is not compatible with SMS (Gateway) pro closed no
2 Apr 9 '07 eng>eng Film design lie in the center of every 4 photo mark description of material to be applied pro closed ok
3 Apr 1 '07 eng>eng metals complex A stock market of metal groups pro closed no
- Mar 5 '07 eng>eng the outgoing audio to the far end audience who listen and watches to the conference device pro closed ok
- Mar 5 '07 eng>eng you will not be prompted ***to confirm such overwriting operation*** you will not be prompted to confirm such overwriting operation pro closed no
- Mar 2 '07 eng>eng ccs or cc's CC easy closed ok
- Mar 2 '07 eng>eng You got the juice You got the power and respect pro closed no
4 Feb 28 '07 eng>eng "That I have fever, ..."what "that" means? conjunction/CONNECTİVE pro closed ok
- Feb 16 '07 eng>eng common draw generic names of some Casino Games pro closed no
- Feb 8 '07 eng>eng ... and Hewlett Packard with... and Hewlett Packard with the Technical Services Division pro closed ok
- Feb 3 '07 eng>eng safeguarded 5-megawatt nuclear research reactor consumed pro closed no
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