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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Feb 22 eng>fra from time to time Ponctuellement easy closed no
- Feb 12 fra>eng Le sens du partage est central With the accent on communal space pro closed ok
- Jan 11 esl>eng la voluntad ya no estaba dirigida por lo humano His determination took no account of sentiment pro closed ok
- Jan 11 esl>eng con los ojos ardiendo de un color azul ardiente His eyes an incandescent blue pro closed ok
4 Jan 10 eng>fra dispatch... to history Reléguer aux oubliettes de l'histoire easy closed ok
- Jan 3 eng>fra working as a pillow Son rôle d'oreiller pro closed ok
- Dec 17 '19 fra>eng tu t’es pris la tête dessus You got into such a hassle about it easy closed no
- Jul 24 '19 fra>eng à hauteur de to the tune of easy closed ok
- May 13 '19 eng>fra Checked-in le verbe 'pointer' pro closed no
4 Jan 3 '19 fra>eng rien à son épreuve can cope with anything easy closed no
4 Aug 26 '18 fra>eng Précision des autres lieux d'interview other interview venues: easy closed no
- May 6 '18 fra>eng se lance dans l'aventure has taken the plunge,..... pro closed no
- Mar 18 '18 fra>eng puits d’eau fraîche this is uncharted territory to me easy closed ok
- Mar 17 '18 fra>eng nous savons bien cuisiner we have mastered the art of cooking easy closed ok
- Mar 17 '18 fra>eng elle ne sait pas très bien danser she doesn't really know how to danse easy closed ok
4 Mar 16 '18 esl>eng LA TIERRA SERÁ COMO LOS HOMBRES SEAN our planet is what we make it pro closed no
- Dec 13 '17 fra>eng Décliner à 360° provide a full spectrum (analysis) pro closed no
- Dec 8 '17 eng>fra Hippies, use back door hippies, c'est par là ! pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '17 eng>fra shadow sont à des années lumières de.... pro open no
- Oct 22 '17 eng>fra milking it du poudre aux yeux pro closed no
- Aug 29 '17 esl>eng Esperando el cabal cumplimiento de mis solicitudes in the hope that my request will be met with your positive consideration pro closed no
4 Aug 10 '17 fra>eng Ces observations gagneraient à être it would be worthwhile conducting a similar appraisal of easy closed ok
4 Jul 9 '17 eng>fra get the lyrics down écrire/noter les paroles (de la chanson) pro closed ok
- Jul 2 '17 eng>fra put out (la musique que nous) produisons easy closed ok
- May 6 '17 esl>eng generar apropiación to drive commitment pro closed ok
- Mar 5 '17 fra>eng ça manque d'envolée lyrique (the whole thing) lacks a bit of magic pro closed no
- Mar 2 '17 fra>eng remercier le champ singulier de cette séance (thank the floor and) the organisers for the choice of topic pro just_closed no
- Mar 2 '17 fra>eng remercier le champ singulier de cette séance show appreciation for the session's (highly) specific topic pro just_closed no
4 Feb 28 '17 fra>eng Bientôt votre nouveau and, opening soon, our new venue... easy closed ok
- Feb 28 '17 fra>eng confinés dans le secret intérieur des bonnes résolutions (than those) tucked away in the form of good resolutions pro closed no
- Feb 14 '17 eng>fra standing on the shoulders of advances (mais) forts des avancées technologiques pro closed ok
- Feb 14 '17 eng>fra starting with a blank canvas tabula rasa pro closed ok
- Nov 5 '16 esl>eng lograr la participación de (they/we) have managed to bring on board.... pro closed ok
- Nov 5 '16 esl>eng era la que no podía pisar firme sobre el terreno por el que caminaba felt like she was treading on thin ice pro closed ok
4 Nov 1 '16 esl>eng donde las únicas estaciones encontradas eran la frustración y la impotencia punctuated only by frustration and despair pro closed no
4 Oct 30 '16 esl>eng ... era verde y se la comió un chivo. (hope) was nipped in the bud pro closed ok
- Oct 23 '16 eng>fra get on il faut que j'avance (dessus) pro closed ok
- Oct 24 '16 eng>fra undue fuss sans dramatiser (les choses) pro closed no
- Oct 14 '16 fra>eng Principaux enseignements key learnings pro closed ok
- Oct 13 '16 esl>eng a flor de piel body beautiful (experience) pro closed ok
- Oct 11 '16 eng>fra a kind of grooming mise en confiance pro closed no
- Oct 11 '16 eng>fra Be tech savvy mettez-vous au courant pro closed no
4 Sep 22 '16 fra>eng pools d’engins fleets of farm machinery pro closed ok
- May 23 '16 fra>eng entre deux eaux otherworldly / whimsical pro closed ok
4 Mar 30 '16 eng>fra a crude language entity une formulation quelque peu fruste pro closed ok
4 Feb 27 '16 eng>fra Tea and Talks cercle de conversation pro closed ok
- Jan 31 '16 fra>eng horizon d'une douceur douillette its skyline gentle and comforting pro just_closed no
- Dec 29 '15 fra>eng saga hôtelière the storied history of the hotel easy closed ok
- Nov 19 '15 eng>fra We'll be there whether you think you need us or not. on sera là, même si tu penses que c'est inutile pro closed no
- Oct 6 '15 eng>fra What It Would Take To (eau potable sur Mars): les enjeux pro closed ok
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