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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 28 '19 esl>eng excedan el marco de la profesión señalada Activities which are outside the scope of the stated occupation/profession pro open no
4 Apr 11 '16 fra>eng appeler les primes collect premiums easy closed ok
3 Jan 5 '16 esl>eng coberturas afectadas covereage affected OR affected coverage pro closed ok
4 Sep 8 '14 fra>eng proposition de réserves des dommages matériels proposed reserve(s) for material damage pro closed ok
4 Jan 6 '13 fra>eng règle proportionnelle de capitaux average pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '12 fra>eng Ces montants interviennent en 2ème ligne These amounts are payable, on a difference in amounts and conditions basis, once any other current.. pro closed ok
- Nov 14 '11 esl>eng producto inmovilizado o en tránsito products, fixed assets or assets in transit pro closed no
4 Oct 29 '11 fra>eng absorbé earned pro closed ok
4 Oct 29 '11 fra>eng l'exercice de survenance des sinistres year of occurrence of claims pro closed ok
4 Oct 1 '11 esl>eng Mediador productor Producing broker/agent/intermediary pro closed ok
4 Aug 31 '11 fra>eng renoncer à tout recours vis-à-vis waive any right of recours against X and its staff pro closed ok
- Aug 11 '11 esl>eng robo con fractura theft with force entry pro closed no
4 Jun 5 '11 fra>eng sinistralité loss record pro closed ok
- Apr 20 '11 fra>eng adhésions attachments (OR individual policies) pro closed ok
4 Mar 25 '11 fra>eng fait dommageable proximate cause pro closed ok
4 Mar 3 '11 fra>eng formule pertinence comprehensive cover including replacement vehicle in the event of an accident pro closed ok
4 Dec 13 '10 esl>eng normas de suscripción underwriting rules pro closed ok
4 Oct 26 '10 fra>eng sinistre net de réassurance net claims after reinsurance pro closed ok
4 Sep 14 '10 fra>eng décompte adjustment (premium) pro closed ok
- Sep 7 '10 fra>eng souscrire la ligne de to write/accept a line of pro just_closed no
- Jun 1 '10 fra>eng en excédent de plein surplus lines pro just_closed no
4 May 19 '10 esl>eng ALOP Advanced Loss of Profits pro closed no
4 Apr 7 '10 esl>eng L/R de cartera loss record for the portfolio pro closed ok
4 Mar 29 '10 esl>eng contingencias profesionales occupational contingencies pro closed ok
4 Mar 16 '10 fra>eng recours partiel envers partial right of recovery from pro closed ok
4 Mar 10 '10 fra>eng garantie de défense-recours legall assistance cover pro closed ok
4 Mar 9 '10 esl>eng agregado anualmente in the annual aggregate pro closed ok
4 Dec 17 '09 fra>eng réserves d'usage usual reservations pro closed no
- Dec 10 '09 esl>eng Retener la indemnización percibida abandonando a favor de la Empresa keep the indemnity received and relinquish ownership of the item to the Insurance Company pro closed ok
4 Dec 8 '09 fra>eng En faute de quoi Typo? pro closed no
4 Sep 10 '09 fra>eng Capitaux vie/décès assurés Sums insured for survival/death pro closed ok
4 Aug 25 '09 esl>eng sin solidaridad entre ellas but they shall not be jointly and severally liable pro closed ok
- Aug 22 '09 esl>eng riesgos de la naturaleza natural perils pro closed ok
4 Aug 19 '09 esl>eng Un siniestro de responsabilidad A liability claim pro closed no
4 Aug 7 '09 esl>eng Pte. Private pro closed ok
4 Jul 23 '09 esl>eng Garantías Cubiertas Cover(ages) afforded pro closed no
- Jul 1 '09 esl>eng responsabilidad civil por producto a la compania Boeing products liability pro closed ok
- Jun 17 '09 esl>eng solidariamente jointly and severally pro closed no
4 Jun 8 '09 esl>eng coaseguro cedido coinsurance ceded pro closed ok
4 May 28 '09 fra>eng traité d'assurance insurance treaty pro closed ok
4 Apr 14 '09 esl>eng a consecuencia de los riesgos amparados resulting from/as a result of the risks covered pro closed ok
- Apr 14 '09 esl>eng por sus respectivos derechos y participaciones for their respective rights and interests pro closed ok
4 Feb 9 '09 esl>eng Responsabilidad frente al Estado (Officials that are covered by the) Liability to the State (extension) pro closed ok
4 Aug 25 '08 fra>eng plein line pro closed ok
- Aug 3 '08 esl>eng Peritaje de averias de embarcaciones de recreo pleasure boat(s) pro closed ok
4 Jul 30 '08 esl>eng Cobertura Automática Compensación por desviación de Sumas Aseguradas Automatic Coverage for increase/change in Sums Insured pro closed ok
4 Jul 30 '08 esl>eng el Asegurador renuncia a subrogarse en los derechos del asegurado the Insurer waives the right to subrogation to the rights of the insured pro closed ok
4 Jul 15 '08 esl>eng anulidad de seguro per year of insurance pro closed ok
4 Jul 1 '08 esl>eng la responsabilidad civil de explotación operational third party liability pro closed ok
4 Jan 10 '08 fra>eng certificat d’assurance responsabilité (Professional indemnity) insurance certificate pro closed no
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