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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 18 fra>eng comme cela est usuel as usual easy closed ok
3 Jan 13 fra>eng exp expéditeur -> sender pro closed ok
- Nov 26 '19 fra>eng d'office as first line treatment / without intermediate steps pro closed ok
- Feb 1 '19 fra>eng Marrakchis Marrakech city inhabitants easy closed ok
- Dec 16 '18 eng>fra Paramedics techniciens d'urgence paramédicaux pro closed no
4 Dec 12 '18 fra>eng vue given easy closed ok
- Dec 5 '18 fra>eng DM /DR Dispositif médical Medical device pro closed ok
4 Oct 3 '18 fra>eng Sensible à ta confiance réitérée. Avec toute mon amitié, Thank you for your ongoing confidence/trust, most friendly yours easy closed ok
- May 11 '18 fra>eng bien confraternellement Collegially yours pro closed ok
- Mar 27 '18 fra>eng Effectivité effective date for change/approval pro closed no
- Feb 21 '18 fra>eng été escorte probably taken to the police station for sobering-up easy just_closed no
4 Feb 2 '18 eng>fra until 3 years ago jusqu'en 2015 or.. pro closed ok
- Oct 17 '17 fra>eng d’animaux laissés libres de leurs activités, animals free to do what they want or without any task assigned pro closed no
- Jun 9 '17 eng>fra in blending in than standing out vou préfèrerez ne pas attirer l'attention / vous faire remarquer easy closed ok
- Apr 11 '17 fra>eng Il n’y a guère que la Suisse qui fasse mieux Only Switzerland takes better care of drug addicts easy closed ok
2 Jan 11 '17 fra>eng Des frais peuvent être engagés charges may be incurred easy closed ok
4 Oct 12 '16 eng>fra sentinel moment ce moment marquant pro closed ok
- Oct 6 '16 eng>fra will have missed their birthdays n'atteindrons pas leur anniversaire suivant pro closed no
- Aug 11 '16 fra>eng deux fils proches Two supportive sons easy closed ok
4 Feb 29 '16 fra>eng suivant l’inclusion following inclusion/enrollment in the study. easy closed ok
- Feb 29 '16 fra>eng que...tout en that, reliable for the prevention of ... pro closed ok
4 Feb 28 '16 fra>eng ...y compris en faisant abstraction but even when disregarding the methodological limits pro closed ok
- Aug 4 '15 fra>eng Soussignés undersigned easy just_closed no
- Jul 13 '15 fra>eng p.e. for example easy closed no
4 Jul 11 '15 eng>fra Checklist liste de vérification ou check-list easy closed ok
- Jun 9 '15 fra>eng Départ. résidence French administrative subdivision of residence pro closed no
- Jun 5 '15 fra>eng planchéie plancher / large foot rest/floor on this scooter pro closed ok
4 Jun 4 '15 fra>eng Il me double he overtakes me easy closed ok
4 Jun 4 '15 fra>eng je me suis cassé le poignet I broke my wrist easy closed ok
4 Apr 12 '15 eng>fra temperature déterminez la probabilité d'un accord éventuel pro closed ok
4 Nov 3 '14 fra>eng jeune (here) young entrepreneur in this case pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '14 fra>eng suivant qui le suivant qui the following speaker pro closed no
4 Jul 3 '14 eng>fra Fish (ou fishtail) stitch Maille ou tresse queue de poisson pro closed ok
- May 13 '14 eng>fra Walk one block marcher 200 mètres ou 100 mètres; c'est selon ! pro closed no
- May 13 '14 eng>fra Walk one block d'un carrefour à l'autre (de cette ville) pro closed no
- Nov 6 '13 eng>fra slice through the sky en découpant l'horizon/les cieux, pro closed ok
- Oct 25 '13 eng>fra the what and the how le pourquoi et le comment pro closed ok
4 Oct 15 '13 eng>fra slide courtesy of diapo (aimablement) fournie par pro closed ok
4 Sep 10 '13 eng>fra alive and kicking vivant et en bonne santé pro closed ok
- Jul 10 '13 fra>eng devant la crainte because of the high risk for a new ischemic attack or further vascular events. easy closed ok
4 Mar 17 '13 fra>eng dont the Rayleigh diffusion of which is sensitive to easy closed ok
- Feb 26 '13 eng>fra gold-level standards niveau gold standard pro closed no
- Feb 18 '13 fra>eng numéro de sceller Seal registration number pro closed ok
- Feb 18 '13 eng>fra Keep water under the keel Ne prenez pas de risque pro closed ok
4 Feb 17 '13 fra>eng se rapporte à l'importation relating to repatriation pro closed ok
- Feb 10 '13 fra>eng blocage de lots blocking from sales or export, impounding pro closed ok
- Feb 8 '13 eng>fra Your feedback is important and we appreciate your time Nous apprécions le temps que vous consacrez au retour d'informations pro closed ok
- Feb 1 '13 fra>eng la revendication d'une "amélioration du service attendu" claim that "improvement of service is expected" pro closed ok
4 Jan 21 '13 eng>fra pharmaceutical insights considérations/données pharmaceutiques pro closed ok
- Jan 2 '13 fra>eng de l'ordre de close to easy closed no
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