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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 19 '19 eng>eng .....................he's always doing it! Charging up and down the stairs like a bull in a china shop pro closed no
- Dec 4 '12 eng>eng bullet a type of graphic pro closed ok
4 Dec 3 '12 eng>eng up along side on the side of your head (see explanation) pro closed no
4 Nov 5 '12 eng>eng ain't right much on the parlyment'ry don't know much about parliamentary procedure pro closed no
4 Jul 7 '11 eng>eng treatment instance treatment facility pro closed no
4 Jan 2 '11 eng>eng to commute settle/change terms of repayment pro closed no
- Sep 16 '10 eng>eng walls showcase paintings * pro closed no
4 Aug 29 '10 eng>eng free of or free from either or both pro closed no
4 Aug 26 '10 eng>eng Figurines: know on barn door, follow the leader to the schoolhouse my thoughts on knock on barn door, follow the leader pro closed no
4 Jul 21 '10 eng>eng most amused it's a pun pro closed no
4 Jul 19 '10 eng>eng non-transferable vs. non-assignable they are synonyms pro closed ok
- Jul 19 '10 eng>eng The security of Polish forces it seems something is missing pro closed no
- Jan 27 '10 eng>eng Is she singing or not? not pro closed no
- Dec 30 '09 eng>eng it comes to me the thought pro closed no
- Nov 29 '09 eng>eng Directive 2000/XX/EC vs. The Directive 2000/XX/EC It's because of the year, and I'm not saying it makes sense... pro just_closed no
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