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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Dec 3 '12 eng>eng up along side on the side of your head (see explanation) pro closed no
4 Dec 1 '12 rus>eng У тебя тук только что из ушей не течёт! Yer lucky you don't have lard coming outcher ears pro closed ok
- Dec 1 '12 rus>eng божедомы poorhouse residents pro closed no
- Sep 25 '12 rus>eng Что-что And anyway... pro closed no
- Jan 21 '11 eng>rus piss on you (в контексте) Пошел ты pro closed no
- Dec 30 '09 eng>eng it comes to me the thought pro closed no
- Dec 17 '09 rus>eng на казенных харчах 3 hots (and a cot) pro closed ok
4 Dec 9 '09 rus>eng Малую полушечку a farthing pro closed ok
4 Dec 2 '09 eng>rus claim salvage rights explanation pro closed ok
- Aug 25 '09 eng>rus It's all over but the dying. впереди только смерть pro closed no
4 Jul 27 '09 rus>eng пробовать тебя на зуб see what you're made of pro closed no
- Dec 14 '08 eng>rus to share my knowledge with another поведать о своих знаниях другому (человеку) pro closed no
- Dec 14 '08 eng>rus explore one's confines explanation pro closed no
4 Jul 23 '08 rus>eng Дикий восторг под знаком “Пи” mad rapture whose emblem is Pi pro closed no
4 Jul 21 '08 rus>eng Ох, рано встает охрана The early bird gets the germ. pro closed no
- Apr 6 '08 rus>eng please help with the structure sm. nizhe pro closed no
4 Nov 29 '07 rus>eng через этого замечательного человека through this wonderful person/man pro closed no
4 Sep 20 '07 rus>eng «в струе» trendy pro closed no
- Sep 19 '07 rus>eng не навязчивая subtle advertising pro closed no
- Jun 6 '07 rus>eng насколько ... , настолько The extent...the exact extent pro closed ok
- May 4 '07 rus>eng мощная струя powerful stream [of water] pro closed ok
- Jul 30 '06 eng>rus thistles drifting да (см. ниже) пух чертополоха pro just_closed no
- Jul 3 '06 rus>eng А я типа из последних сил! I wasn't really dead yet! pro closed no
- Mar 2 '06 rus>eng выскочить (игра слов) knock pro closed no
- Feb 20 '06 rus>eng водить за собой leading a young girl behind him pro closed no
- Feb 13 '06 rus>eng одна случайность цеплялась за другую a long chain of coincidences pro closed ok
- Jan 26 '06 rus>eng высматривать с высоты (что-л.) observe from the air pro closed ok
- Jan 20 '06 rus>eng охота пуще неволи Where they'[re a will there's a way. pro closed no
- Jan 10 '06 rus>eng кухня уйдет another guess pro closed no
4 Jan 8 '06 rus>eng Pasternak's poem poem in translation pro closed no
- Jun 30 '05 rus>eng cкосив глаз screwing up one eye pro closed ok
- Jun 23 '05 rus>eng оконца, глядящие в небо windows of clear water that gazed into the sky above pro closed no
- Jan 18 '05 rus>eng толкучка hullabaloo pro closed no
- Jan 14 '05 rus>eng на плечах висит старая кофта old jacket hung from his shoulders pro closed ok
- Jan 9 '03 rus>eng Polonski, Song of a Gipsy Woman my variation... pro closed no
4 Jan 9 '03 rus>eng В. Брюсов "Я" (Мой дух не изнемог..) I (In contradictions dark...) pro closed no
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