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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jan 4 '12 rus>eng оплачиваемый период страхования policy term pro closed no
- Jan 4 '12 rus>eng страховая сумма исчерпана coverage has been exhausted pro closed no
4 Dec 1 '09 rus>eng случай, который имеет признаки страхового event that appears to be an insured event pro closed no
- Jun 13 '07 rus>eng оформлять страховку КАСКО obtaining comprehensive coverage pro closed ok
4 Oct 31 '06 eng>rus deductible excess, limit or exclusion франшиза, лимит или исключение pro closed no
4 Sep 27 '06 rus>eng наступление страхового случая If an insured event occurs (other possibilities as well) pro closed ok
- Aug 1 '06 rus>eng выкупная сумма cash surrender value pro closed ok
4 Nov 27 '05 rus>eng оформление страховых случаев processing loss events pro closed no
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