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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Nov 5 '12 eng>eng ain't right much on the parlyment'ry don't know much about parliamentary procedure pro closed no
- Aug 30 '10 eng>rus that фраза just delete "That" pro closed no
4 Jul 23 '10 eng>rus Pull–Type Beverage Cup dispensers диспенсеры стаканов "подача сверху" и "подача снизу" pro closed no
- Dec 28 '09 rus>eng х.з WTFK pro closed ok
- Nov 29 '09 eng>eng Directive 2000/XX/EC vs. The Directive 2000/XX/EC It's because of the year, and I'm not saying it makes sense... pro just_closed no
4 Sep 8 '09 rus>eng наличие которой, в том числе, обеспечивает собственную мужскую самоидентификацию one of the things that contributes to a masculine identity pro closed no
4 Mar 4 '09 rus>eng сняться с учета be removed from the (consulate) register pro closed no
- Jul 20 '08 rus>eng Без этого можно и не думать об общей теории Without that you don't even have to think about general theory. pro closed no
- Mar 4 '08 rus>eng Штрихи к портрету Highlights of the Issue/Problem pro closed no
- Mar 3 '08 rus>eng собеседник recast the sentence entirely... pro closed no
- Oct 18 '06 rus>eng проживающий по адресу making his residence at pro closed no
4 Sep 26 '06 eng>rus Entering the front door after work приход домой после работы pro closed no
- Sep 5 '06 rus>eng делать гадости Don't be a jerk pro closed ok
3 Sep 7 '06 eng>rus the earth moved for [me/her/him] см. ниже pro closed no
- Sep 5 '06 rus>eng путать хрен с редькой don't know your elbow from a hole in the ground pro closed no
- Aug 4 '06 eng>rus wind chimes Колокольчики ветровые pro just_closed no
- Jan 22 '06 rus>eng Температурные экстримы нынешней зимы в данном случае ни при чем. This year's extreme temperatures aren't to blame. pro closed no
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