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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 4 '11 rus>eng Бóрзый (а ты чё такой борзый а?) attitude pro closed no
- Jan 4 '11 rus>eng водила (водитель) rephrase or substitute elsewhere in the sentence pro closed ok
- Jan 2 '11 rus>eng кипиш variations of "it" pro closed ok
- Aug 21 '10 rus>eng Он такой бандит, что все боятся с ним СВЯЗЫВАТЬСЯ he's such a thug that everybody wants to stay out of his way pro closed no
4 Dec 21 '09 rus>eng сдулся took off pro closed no
4 Jul 27 '09 rus>eng Но хуй-то им удалось But they got fucking nowhere pro closed no
- Nov 6 '08 rus>eng Захомутать reels him in pro closed no
- Nov 6 '07 rus>eng v ebeniah in bum-f*ck Egypt pro closed no
- Nov 4 '07 rus>eng отгуляли, отгудели painted the town red pro closed ok
- Nov 4 '07 rus>eng страждущие the impoverished pro closed no
4 Nov 4 '07 rus>eng замухрышка some suggestions pro closed no
- Feb 2 '06 rus>eng Как же тебя угораздило с ним снюхаться? How'd you get hooked up with him? pro closed ok
4 Jan 18 '05 rus>eng анаша, трясти после неудачно принятой дозы get the shakes from taking hash pro closed no
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