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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Aug 19 '19 eng>eng .....................he's always doing it! Charging up and down the stairs like a bull in a china shop pro closed no
- Aug 1 '15 rus>eng Кто тебя родил Is that how you were raised? pro closed ok
- Dec 20 '13 rus>eng предложно-падежные формы имен locative form (names in the locative case) pro closed ok
4 Dec 3 '12 eng>eng up along side on the side of your head (see explanation) pro closed no
- Dec 2 '12 eng>rus at a decreasing rate убывающей степенью pro closed no
- Nov 27 '12 rus>eng Результат earnings (or returns) pro closed ok
- Nov 21 '12 eng>rus made out to the order подлежащий уплате приказу (компании) pro closed no
4 Nov 5 '12 eng>eng ain't right much on the parlyment'ry don't know much about parliamentary procedure pro closed no
- Nov 4 '12 eng>rus threatening our trust, угроза доверию pro closed no
- Nov 4 '12 rus>eng мастер курса Course Director pro closed ok
- Sep 16 '12 eng>rus Climate Alliance Климатический союз pro open no
- Sep 15 '12 rus>eng ПОЕСТЬ ЕСТЬ, ПОЕСТЬ ЗДЕСЬ! Day or night the food is right pro closed no
- Jan 19 '12 rus>eng Объекты котлонадзора boiler objects pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '11 eng>rus key lime pie Флоридский лаймовый пирог pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '11 rus>eng воры в законе professional thieves pro closed ok
- Feb 9 '11 eng>rus drawings issue of shares погашение или выпуск акций pro closed ok
- Jan 6 '11 rus>eng детприёмник temporary receiver/shelter pro just_closed no
- Aug 30 '10 eng>rus that фраза just delete "That" pro closed no
- Aug 29 '10 rus>eng "литробол" "vodka drinking" pro closed no
4 Aug 26 '10 eng>eng Figurines: know on barn door, follow the leader to the schoolhouse my thoughts on knock on barn door, follow the leader pro closed no
- Aug 8 '10 eng>rus shareholding qualification доля владения акциями, необходимая для занятия поста в правлении pro closed ok
4 Jul 23 '10 eng>rus Pull–Type Beverage Cup dispensers диспенсеры стаканов "подача сверху" и "подача снизу" pro closed no
4 Jul 23 '10 eng>rus to serve need with the habits above... какие (психологические) нужды пытаетесь восполнить pro closed no
- Jul 21 '10 eng>rus steering past the pitfalls избежать западни pro closed no
4 Jul 21 '10 eng>eng most amused it's a pun pro closed no
- Jul 19 '10 eng>eng The security of Polish forces it seems something is missing pro closed no
- Apr 16 '10 eng>rus Не могу понять смысл your original is wrong pro closed no
4 Mar 6 '10 eng>rus a constructive or actual total loss конструктивная гибель pro closed ok
- Jan 27 '10 eng>eng Is she singing or not? not pro closed no
- Jan 26 '10 eng>rus fossil fuel industries промышленность ископаемого топлива pro closed ok
- Dec 28 '09 rus>eng х.з WTFK pro closed ok
4 Dec 21 '09 rus>eng основное общее образование basic general education pro closed no
4 Dec 1 '09 rus>eng случай, который имеет признаки страхового event that appears to be an insured event pro closed no
- Nov 29 '09 eng>eng Directive 2000/XX/EC vs. The Directive 2000/XX/EC It's because of the year, and I'm not saying it makes sense... pro just_closed no
- Nov 26 '09 rus>eng крепкое пиво I don't know if this will help you... pro closed ok
4 Sep 8 '09 rus>eng наличие которой, в том числе, обеспечивает собственную мужскую самоидентификацию one of the things that contributes to a masculine identity pro closed no
- Jul 19 '09 rus>eng пропуск-"вездеход" free conduct pass or free-conduct pass pro closed ok
4 Mar 27 '09 eng>rus to chew the hard to reach places sm. nizhe pro closed no
- Mar 18 '09 eng>rus post-Roman times пост-римская эпоха pro closed ok
4 Mar 4 '09 rus>eng сняться с учета be removed from the (consulate) register pro closed no
- Jan 30 '09 rus>eng "оторвать" rip anything off for himself pro closed ok
4 Jan 14 '09 eng>rus Resusciade Resusciade pro closed no
4 Dec 30 '08 rus>eng которой эти доходы причитаются to whom these revenues are owed/due/payable pro closed no
4 Dec 17 '08 eng>rus order (предложенный) приказ pro closed ok
- Dec 11 '08 rus>eng объект приватизации target of privatization pro just_closed no
- Dec 8 '08 eng>rus NO WAIVER не является отказом pro closed no
- Nov 16 '08 rus>eng публиолект sociopolitical journalism pro closed no
- Nov 16 '08 rus>eng ставить жирную точку end with a flourish pro closed no
- Nov 13 '08 eng>rus vehicle use машина pro closed no
4 Oct 31 '08 rus>eng с указанием причин и со ссылкой на статью, пункт закона indicating the reasons and referencing the statute and subsection pro closed no
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