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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 12 '17 eng>eng rusty and dirty Menstrual pro just_closed no
4 Apr 13 '13 eng>eng beer-and-a-shot joint tavern easy closed ok
4 Feb 20 '13 eng>fra jump my bones me sauter dessus pro closed no
- Apr 3 '12 eng>eng hornswoggler snake oil salesman pro closed ok
4 Mar 28 '12 eng>eng to think a homicide to think it might be a homicide easy closed ok
- Jan 3 '12 eng>fra What if it heaved with gleaming cities déborder pro closed no
- Dec 25 '09 eng>eng making hay when the rooster crows make hay while the sun shines pro closed no
- May 25 '09 eng>fra A's brow was knitted A fronça les sourcils pro just_closed no
4 Jul 28 '08 eng>eng went acted; died easy closed ok
4 Jan 18 '08 eng>eng bringing back all kinds of pervert off the street attracting all kinds of sexual deviants off the street and into her "workplace" easy closed no
4 Jan 5 '08 eng>eng He had to catch his sadness where he could, around the edges of my own. he could allow himself to grieve only a little, and a little at a time easy closed ok
4 Jan 5 '08 eng>eng shifted awkwardly from foot to foot stan on one leg, then the other, uncomfortably easy closed no
4 Dec 21 '07 eng>eng a fancy-pants to boot and additionally, a fussy, fancy dresser pro closed no
4 Dec 4 '07 eng>eng run cold died out, dried up easy closed ok
4 Nov 10 '07 eng>eng It is an immense loss to have all robust and sustaining expletives refined away It's too bad we have to give up on good robust swearing pro closed no
- Aug 2 '07 eng>fra to be spacious counterfeit; dishonest (specious) pro closed ok
- Jun 28 '07 fra>eng se faire lever les jupons screwing around pro closed ok
4 May 18 '07 fra>eng en petard scruffy, spiked, ruffled, rumpled pro closed ok
4 Jan 17 '07 eng>eng Resist not evil don't waste time fighting evil, just take the other path pro closed ok
NP Nov 24 '06 eng>eng Yeah, I put his balls in the freezer for a week and then I used them to break th I made him suffer, and used that to break the glass ceiling pro closed ok
4 Nov 15 '06 eng>eng while it was fairy tales where and such miracles happen every day in fairy tales pro closed ok
4 Nov 1 '06 fra>eng Petit comique, à matin! well aren't you funny (the comedian) this morning! pro closed ok
NP Oct 29 '06 eng>eng Had a good rummage through my kit? had a good look through my stuff? pro closed ok
4 Oct 26 '06 eng>eng with the rich border on the criminal his activities (with the rich) border on the criminal pro closed no
- Oct 4 '06 eng>eng dressed-up promos promotional events masquerading as birthday parties pro closed no
- Oct 3 '06 eng>eng It was clamped down on with a security that would make the Federal Chancellery l Everyone was sworn to secrecy pro closed no
- Aug 24 '06 eng>eng all too-real real-life pro closed no
- Aug 14 '06 eng>eng myself a replica of my person easy closed no
- Jul 23 '06 eng>eng worked bobbed pro closed ok
4 Jun 25 '06 eng>eng Yet not for all his faith can see/would I that cowled.. I wouldn't be a religious man pro closed no
- Jun 22 '06 eng>eng not able to / do not walk same meaning in this context pro closed no
- Jun 11 '06 fra>eng engloutissement depths, underworld pro closed ok
- May 30 '06 eng>eng confounded the meaning of phrases mixed up her sentences pro closed no
- May 29 '06 eng>eng trade, marry into trade blue-collar, working class pro closed no
3 May 25 '06 eng>eng Love is a three letter word act is a three-letter word pro closed no
4 May 18 '06 eng>eng no soap? no money? pro closed ok
4 May 18 '06 eng>eng palm-court music light classical music pro closed ok
- Mar 24 '06 eng>eng title of a story Over the Top pro closed no
4 Mar 23 '06 fra>eng chercher en parlant Talk our way through our ideas pro closed ok
- Mar 16 '06 eng>fra shrink from change on résiste au changement pro closed ok
- Feb 28 '06 eng>eng shoveling down whatever he set his eyes on eating (wolfing down, gobbling up) everything in sight pro closed no
- Dec 4 '05 eng>eng swabbed the decks with whatever was left over they mopped the decks with the spirits that had been spilled pro closed ok
- Oct 12 '05 eng>eng This loaf of bread...-sense Best thing since sliced bread pro closed no
- Oct 4 '05 fra>eng ce ne sont pas des chars! It's the truth, man! pro closed ok
- Aug 7 '05 eng>eng gay young blade party-boy pro closed ok
4 Jul 26 '05 eng>eng flowing steadily from her knitting needles outside which seemed to flow steadily from her knitting needles pro closed ok
4 Jun 1 '05 eng>eng Scales are not the feathers of a chicken... fish scales are not like pro closed ok
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