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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Feb 27 ita>eng si dipartono piĆ¹ fasci paralleli di grandi montagne (four) parallel ranges of high mountains branch off pro closed ok
- Feb 25 deu>ita flach abfallende Strand spiaggia digradante (verso il mare) pro closed no
- Jun 27 '17 eng>ita ebb and flow si spostano / si muovono in continuazione pro closed ok
4 Jun 22 '14 deu>ita Alpenrand dorsale alpina pro closed ok
4 May 5 '14 eng>ita Outlying Oceania Oceania lontana pro closed ok
4 Jun 20 '11 eng>ita garden ponds stagni (naturali e) artificiali pro closed ok
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